Had a real, live ghost walked through Baptisttown and Snow Hill in 1920, a greater sensation would not have been created than was caused by a new police star that glittered in the moonlight. It was not the first time that the star had been worn in Owensboro. Years ago, breakers of the law watched for that star with dread. Capt. John Williams is back on the police force and as night chief of police. His “beat” will be the entire city. While a member of the police force, Mr. Williams was a terror to the lawbreakers. He is familiar with every street and alley in Owensboro and while on the force, he knew the “hang out” of every alleged crook in this city.

Dec. 14, 1920, an attempt was made by burglars to enter the residence of Haiden Montgomery, 406 E. Seventh St. Mrs. Montgomery was awakened upon hearing a noise and awoke her husband who frightened them away. It will be remembered that Mr. Montgomery, who conducts a candy store, was held up and robbed about two weeks ago as he was nearing his home.

Dec. 15, the residence of Mrs. Hasseltine Rice, 715 Locust St., was entered and robbed Monday evening and about $100 in cash secured. According to Mrs. Rice, she had received a pension check from the government and cashed it in the afternoon. Before going out in the evening, she placed the money, which amounted to $75, in her purse with other money she had. After returning home two hours later she found the money missing. The entrance was made to the house by unlocking the front door with a skeleton key.

Dec. 16, when May Sutton, 19, Owensboro, left her husband and children to elope in Evansville with John Hughes, 38, she was followed by her sister. The sister trailed them to a rooming house at 101½ Futon Ave. and caused their arrest. The couple was arraigned on statutory charges. The Sutton woman testified that her husband gave her the money with which to come here. Hughes admitted to having a wife and three children in Cairo, Illinois. Judge Ireland fined each $10 and ordered them to serve 10 days in jail.

Dec. 17, Hugh S. Herr was shot in the leg Thursday morning. The only information given out was that it was accidental. Mrs. Herr made a statement to this effect but would give no explanation of how it happened. On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Herr was brought to the city where an X-ray was taken of the wound. He was later taken to the city hospital where the bullet was extracted.

Dec. 18, L. M. Hagan has been arrested and charged with carrying concealed a deadly weapon, a pistol. Hagan said that he got the pistol from Thornton Fountain who lives on Alexandria Avenue. A warrant was taken out for the arrest of the Fountain boy charging him with having stolen the pistol from the Hill repair shop on Fifth Street. The boys will be tried in juvenile court this morning.

50 Years Ago

Dec. 14, 1970, Glen Bowers took bits and pieces of scrap metal and built a working model of an old-time steam tractor. Except for a tiny, dummy oil gauge, everything works just like the mammoth engines on farms years ago. The governor whirls, the water pump pumps, a lever causes the ashes to be shaken out, a whistle blows, 11 heating tubes in the boiler have to be rodded out and the model car rolls steadily.

Dec. 15, Mrs. Faye Newcom is still waiting to hear about her brother, Lt. Col. Charles Ervin Shelton. He has been a prisoner of war in Laos since April 29, 1965, when his unarmed reconnaissance plane was shot down over Laos. The family has received no information since the official notification that he was a prisoner of war. No one has received any mail from him. He is allowed mail from his wife and his parents, but he is not allowed to answer.

Dec. 16, three storehouse break-ins on West Ninth Street were reported to city police. Three televisions and two floor sanders valued at $330 were taken from Garrett’s Furniture and Appliance Company. About $464 worth of equipment was taken from Keller-Knott Heating and Air-Conditioning. Missing items included an electric adding machine, two power saws, a drill and two flashlights. In a break-in at the Birk-Holman Tobacco House, thieves got away with an undetermined amount of change and candy from a vending machine.

Dec. 17, Gov. Louie B. Nunn will be the principal speaker at dedication ceremonies opening the new Audubon Parkway. The governor and others will officially dedicate the 24 miles of parkway at 2 p.m. at the Hebbardsville Toll Plaza. Earlier planned ribbon cutting ceremonies at the Henderson and Owensboro entrances were canceled because of schedule conflicts. It will have been two years since the start of this project.

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