A strike of the horsemen was the feature of the first day of the Rockport fair. Thousands of people were in attendance and no horses appeared on the track for the afternoon's racing. It developed that the horsemen had gone on strike, refusing to start their horses on account of the 5% entrance fee charged. It was pointed out by horseman at the Daviess County Fair that it wasn't charging an entrance fee, deducting money from winners or charging horse owners admission fees to the grounds. A compromise was finally reached whereby the winners of the races will pay the entrance fees for the other horses.

• Aug. 19, 1919, Arvin Lamkin was shot twice through the lungs six miles south of Brandenburg. County officers are searching for his brother, Logan Lamkin, and for his wife, who are said to have driven away in a buggy shortly after the shooting. In a statement, Arvin Lamkin accused his brother Logan of shooting him in the back and said that the motive was to get Arvin out of the way so that Logan could run away with Mrs. Arvin Lamkin.

• Aug. 20, the indications are that the sale of army food supplies through the post office will not prove very successful here. Only one or two orders have been taken for the supplies through the Owensboro Post Office so far. The post office has not been officially informed of the reduction in parcel post rates on the food supplies sold through the post office. The sales will continue until orders are received from Washington to discontinue them.

• Aug. 21, Bernard Barrett of Whitesville is the winner of the trip to the state fair the second week in September given on the highest credits attained in Junior Agricultural work to date. This young man is now in his second year in club work. A meeting of Profs. Baird, McFarland, Hawkins and the county agent was held yesterday morning and it was a close decision as there were so many eligible. The winner will spend the week at the fair as the guest of the fair management.

• Aug. 22, the N.C.-4, the American seaplane that was the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic, will stop in Owensboro when it makes the trip from St. Louis to Louisville sometime next month. The seaplane will alight in the river but is not expected to stay long. It is thought that local people interested in it will have ample opportunity to examine the construction of it. Lieutenant Read, who flew the plane to Europe, is not expected to pilot the plane. Just who will is not known.

• Aug. 23, few people in Owensboro realize that the housing shortage has become so serious that it is hindering growth of the city. Not only has it been almost impossible for months for persons to find suitable homes here but this summer, it has become almost impossible to find apartments or rooms. The situation will be further aggravated in the winter when the usual large number of people come into the city from the country to work. Nothing has yet been done to relieve the situation.

50 Years Ago

• Aug. 19, 1969 services for the Rev. Benedict F. Huff, who died Saturday, will be held today in St. Rose Catholic Church at Cloverport. Before serving the parish in Cloverport, Father Huff had been assigned at St. Mary of the Woods in Whitesville, St. Anthony at Peonia, St. Jerome at Fancy Farm, and St. Francis de Sales and St. Thomas More, both in Paducah. His only survivor is a sister who lives in Indiana.

• Aug. 20, some 300 parents, teachers and interested persons of Ohio County attended a Fordsville PTA meeting and voted unanimously to withhold all students from school until such time that the state Board of Education sees fit to meet their demands for school rehabilitation and location in writing. The requests the members specifically spoke about concerned the state board recognizing and supporting through state aid the high school at Fordsville. Fordsville has also asked that the state assist in building additional rooms onto the present Fordsville High School.

• Aug. 21, Fordsville's new post office will be dedicated on Sunday. The new facility on Smith Street is part of the Post Office Department's lease-construction program. Under this program, investment financing is used to obtain needed facilities that remain under private ownership, pay local taxes to the community and are leased to the federal government. Refreshments will be served by the Fordsville Women's Club.

• Aug. 22, fiscal court acquired some information about the food stamp program that 62 counties in Kentucky use in place of free food distribution. Jack Waddell, supervisor of the food stamp program for the state division of public assistance, made a special trip to Owensboro to answer inquiries by County Judge Pat Tanner and three county commissioners. Waddell said it would take three to four months for Daviess County to come under the food stamp program that would replace the commodity food center on West First Street. The county has not made an application.

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