Alone, in a hut in the ravine west of Popular Street and in rags without food or fuel, an aged woman, more than 70 years old, was found by local welfare workers after the case had been reported in 1921 by neighbors who said that she refused help from them. The woman, who gave the name of Mrs. Julia Reader, became very abusive when the welfare workers called and told them to leave her alone as she was able to take care of herself and did not need charity. She has been working in the tobacco factories but has recently been out of work. Her recent actions were such that the impression was received that she was insane.

Jan. 11, 1921, Mark Tanner of the Laffoon neighborhood was arrested and will be tried on a lunacy charge. Complaints have been made for some time by the citizens of the neighborhood that Tanner has been violent and he is said to have threatened some of his neighbors. The deputy sheriffs found his house riddled with bullet holes but were not able to learn whether they were shot through by Tanner or neighbors.

Jan. 12, Marion Wilson, a woman and two young men were taken to police headquarters and appeared in court this morning. Judge Pinkerton said he will issue a warrant against Marion Wilson charging her with conducting an immoral house. Capt. Harl said the parties were taken upstairs and he talked to them. He did not know their names. Night Chief Williams was present when the parties were recognized in court this morning.

Jan. 13, local dentists have been visited this week by a detective who was seeking to ascertain if they had done any work for Mrs. W. A. Thweatt, wife of a former Livermore real estate man, who was found burned to death under suspicious circumstances in a fire that destroyed the Thweatt home in Aberdeen, Mississippi, on Dec. 8. Just a few months before the fire, Thweatt and his wife came to Owensboro and took out $10,000 policies each with the Inter-Southern Life Insurance Company, and $5,000 policies with double indemnity clauses in case of an accident with Security Life.

Jan. 14, nominations for directors for the County Club for the ensuing year closed last night. The 14 nominations will not be made known until Monday night at the annual meeting at the County Club. Seven men from the 14 nominees will be elected as directors. The nominations are scattered and just a few ballots one way or the other will make quite a change.

Jan. 15, Oscar Fitzgerald, who was sentenced to the Greendale reform school, was taken to the school by Probation Officer Weill. Fitzgerald has been in trouble a number of times, the latest charge against being his implication in a theft at the Guenther storage room. He also attempted to hold up a small boy on West Fifth Street. He was sent to the county poor farm from which he escaped but was later captured and returned.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 11, 1971, members of the Ohio County Mine Disaster Relief Committee entitled “Ohio Countians Care” have termed their endeavor a success. The committee collected more than 6,300 pounds of food for families involved in the Hyden coal mine disaster. Canned goods were packed and loaded from the Kentucky Utilities building for delivery to Manchester.

Jan. 12, the American Convalescent Center of Owensboro announced it will buy the Owensboro Motor Inn and convert one floor into a retirement club for senior citizens. The remainder of the hotel will be used for tourists. The hotel will continue to operate under the name of the Owensboro Motor Inn. The third floor will be for people who have retired but who are still in good health and looking for good food, lodging and recreation. The dining room and kitchen will be renovated.

Jan. 13, an Owensboro native has been chosen Military Wife of the Year by a board of officers and NCO wives living in Wiesbaden, Germany. Mrs. Jacqueline Wahl Baker, wife of Sgt. Robert F. Baker, and the couple’s three children have been in Germany for 30 months where Baker is stationed with the 5th Battalion, 1st Artillery as a mess sergeant. Mrs. Baker has been recording secretary for Wiesbaden Chapter of CHAP, Den Mother for a special education Cub Pack and Brownie Troop leader.

Jan. 14, the Kentucky Arts Commission, along with Approaches Magazine, will sponsor the fourth poetry workshop at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Those who have attended a previous workshop and would like to enroll should send three poems for review. In conjunction with the workshop, a banquet with cash awards will be announced for various state literary publications. After the banquet, a joint poetry reading will be given by Donald Finkel.

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