“Walk down the corridors of the Seventh Street School and you will see five gold stars on the doors of five of the rooms. They mean death to microbes” said the Red Cross community nurse, Miss Katie Malone, in 1920 after a visit to that school. “The Seventh Street School will be the first to have every child in it to have a toothbrush. Eight weeks ago, two-thirds of the pupils did not have a toothbrush, nor did they realize the need of a toothbrush. This morning, all the children in one of the fourth grades brought their toothbrushes with them to show me they had them. There are just a few who have forgotten them.” By the end of the week, it is expected that every door will have a gold star.

• March 23, 1920, about 50 officers and solicitors in the Associated Charity Drive attended the banquet at the Masonic Temple when final instructions and directions regarding the campaign were given by Cols. Mobberly and Manning. The campaign will be waged both in the business and residential sections and the whole territory will be covered, not stopping should the $5,000 be reached before covering the territory. A luncheon will be given at the Masonic Temple at noon for the solicitors.

• March 24, the executive board of the Woman’s Club will meet this afternoon at the public library. The regular meeting of the club will be held Friday at City Hall. Mrs. Nancy Allen will have charge of the program. Her program is: “Immigration—Should it be Restricted?” So far the Woman’s Club has not been able to begin its class in citizenship as the literature has not yet arrived for the class.

• March 25, Father Edward S. Fitzgerald, pastor of St. Paul’s Catholic Church, was honored yesterday by his parishioners on the occasion of his 60th birthday. At 7 o’clock, a high mass was celebrated by Rev. Guide Mensa and 150 children from St. Frances academy offered up their communion for Father Fitzgerald. At 1 o’clock, a dinner was served. Many valuable gifts were presented to the beloved pastor. The men gave him 60 new 10 dollar bills and the women gave him a linen shower.

• March 26, George Botts had a narrow escape when a huge maple tree standing in front of William Reno’s residence was blown down in a violent windstorm, falling on his coal wagon. Mr. Botts knew nothing of his danger until his mules made a plunge, throwing him from the seat to the ground. His arm was sprained but otherwise he was not hurt. The fall of the tree was broken to some extent by striking wires in the street.

• March 27, Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Murphy, of Trinidad, Colorado, have been engaged as keeper of the grounds and stewardess for the Country Club. Both Mr. and Mrs. Murphy are experienced in this line of work, having been similarly engaged for the Trinidad Country Club. Getting the country club ready for occupancy has been slow work so far. The roads are bad and it is almost impossible for trucks to get through to the house.

50 Years Ago

• March 23, 1970, Tom Curtsinger, Daviess County extension agent, has recommended that Panther Creek be sprayed sometime between April 20 and May 20. Curtsinger said this is the time when the leaves are all out and bushes have started to grow vigorously. The 46 miles of Panther Creek and its forks were to be sprayed in the spring of 1969. But last year’s defoliation plan was overturned due to the possible effects of herbicide.

• March 24, a Wendell Ford Appreciation Day committee was named to expedite the planning of a reception for the Owensboro lieutenant governor and his wife. The reception is scheduled to be held at the Owensboro Motor Inn following a parade in Ford’s honor. Heading the planning of the event is William H. Thompson, and said he is in the process of confirming the reception committee.

• March 25, voter registration books at the county clerk’s office will close at noon Saturday, the customary 59 days before the May primary. To register for the first time, a person must have lived in Kentucky for one year, in Daviess County for six months and in his precinct for 60 days. Young voters who will be 18 years of age by Nov. 3, general election day, can register now and be able to vote in the May 26 primary. There are about 30,000 registered voters in Daviess County.

• March 26, history, antiques and Kentucky heritage pervaded the address made by Mrs. Louie B. Nunn as the Kentucky Society Daughters of the American Revolution opened its 74th annual conference. In her outline of the progressive refurbishing at the Governor’s Mansion, Mrs. Nunn gave details on the collection of antiques she hopes one day will be appropriately arranged. Besides serving as furniture for the home, these articles will compose a virtual museum for the people of the commonwealth to view on their tours.

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