In 1920, a pumpkin weighing 101 ½ pounds was raised on the farm of Henry Logan and a Cuban bean weighing 16 pounds and 45 inches in length, was raise by George Juttings of Greensburg. This variety of bean is said to be excellent for food. The bean and pumpkin are on exhibition in Greensburg.

Oct. 19, 1920, brazen automobile thieves of Owensboro are no respectors of either property or place. Following the theft of P.C. Cooper’s car from in front of the Central Presbyterian Church, two machines were taken from in front of the Third Baptist Church. One of the cars belonging to Cecil C. Applegate was found a little later on the Leitchfield Road after some boys had run it into an embankment and demolished it.

Oct. 20, thieves entered the Levy Store on Monday night and got away with a rich loot of cloaks, suits, silk waists, coat suits and other articles valued at around $2,000. The thieves entered through a window on the second floor in the rear of the store which they reached by climbing on the roof of an adjoining shed. The screen was torn away just enough to let a small person through and the window was smashed. The entire store was ransacked.

Oct. 21, Dr. R. P. Keene and Mrs. Keene returned from Indianapolis where they were guests of Mayor Jouett for several days and visited Arlington Place, the famous hog farm of Wiggers-Juett. Dr. Keene bought seven sows to complete his heard of now around 600 Poland Chinas, brought on from Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kansas. Dr. Keene is hoping to have pigs for the boys of the pig clubs next year.

Oct. 22, a mild smallpox epidemic is being fought at the present time by the County Health Department. While there have been cases of smallpox reported all year, the health department is making a determined effort to eradicate the disease. Due to the fact that people remain indoors more and do not have proper ventilation, the winter season usually has a tendency to increase smallpox when there is any of it abroad.

Oct. 23, Charles Hamberger, who attempted to harm himself in Sunset Park by taking a quantity of bichloride of mercury and who was later removed to the city hospital for treatment, took “French leave” sometime during Friday. It was later learned that he had gone to the store of H. Barohn Sr., where he secured the articles that he had left and got enough money to return home. His wife wanted him to return home and start life anew.

50 Years Ago

Oct. 19, 1970, customers still stand in line on Sunday afternoons at Taylor’s Milk Sherbert on Market Street in Lewisport. The attraction is the store’s good-tasting traditions. The ice cream shop has been selling the family’s recipe since 1926. Owner Kathleen Taylor’s parents, Tom and Emma Reynolds, opened their store, making their own candy and donuts.

Oct. 20, merchants in the downtown business district will have a few dollars added to their utility bills next month. Owensboro Municipal Utilities will begin billing these businesses for the mercury vapor lights installed three years ago in the area from Crittenden to Frederica streets. There are no plans to recover for back-billing. The additional charge will be made on a pro-rata share basis and should not amount to more than $4 per business.

Oct. 21, plans were announced for the formation of an advanced fine arts class by the Cliff Hagan Boys’ Club with the cooperation of Brescia College. Fred Stephens of Brescia’s fine arts department will conduct a class for boys 12 and older. Brescia College is supplying the meeting room and all supplies for the instruction in all fine arts media.

Oct. 22, County Clerk Bob Neel has received the Daviess County and Owensboro ballots for the Nov. 3 election. Ballots for the city’s 38 precincts do not contain the question of building a new city hall. A lawsuit asking that this question be placed on the ballot is pending in circuit court but no action has been taken on it. The only question that will be on all ballots in the state is the proposition of granting the commonwealth power to sell a $48.3 million bond issue for public improvements.

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