The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center is in need of some younger donors.

As the average age of blood donors increases, it is proving increasingly difficult for those in need of transfusions to receive the blood they need.

"Now charged to carry the blood needs of the baby boomer generation, the millennial donor is a key component to the future success of our blood center," said Vicki Ellis, director of donor resources for the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center.

Ellis said the reason for this decrease in younger people donating blood is due to a generational gap, with smaller generations not being able to maintain the donation levels.

"The baby boomers were a huge generation, and when they donated there was an ample amount of blood," Ellis said. "The following and upcoming generations are smaller."

According to a press release from WKRBC, around 45% of American blood donors are over the age of 50. Because of this, WKRBC has partnered with Team Liquid, which is a "multi-regional, professional esports organization." According to the release, Team Liquid has a national fanbase of more than 7 million people.

Steve Arhancet, CEO of Team Liquid, said he is proud to partner with WKRBC on this project.

"Our fans are such a supportive, tight-knit community and now we're calling on them to help us accomplish something bigger than what we could achieve in any competition," Arhancet said. "Collectively, we have the opportunity to make a measurable impact on communities as well as save lives."

According to the release, someone in the United States needs blood every two seconds. One pint of blood can save three lives or more.

"Engaging blood donors in a platform they are already utilizing maximizes their participation," Ellis said.

For more information on donating blood, contact the Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center at 270-684-9296. WKRBC is located at 3015 Old Hartford Road in Owensboro.

Jack Dobbs, 270-691-7360,

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