Joseph Martin, who has previously run for offices in both the city and county, has filed to try again for a seat on the Owensboro City Commission.

Martin, who works in janitorial services at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, filed to run for city office last week. There will be at least two vacant seats on the city commission, with commissioners Larry Conder and Pam Smith-Wright both vying for the mayor’s office against incumbent Tom Watson. Dracin Williams, who has not held office previously, is also running for mayor.

Martin joins a crowded field that includes Deborah Fillman, Bob Glenn, Walter Lee, Larry Maglinger, Jeff Sanford, Deanna J. Endicott-Smith, Dale Taylor, Mike Walker and Gordy Wilcher.

Martin has run for city commission previously, the last time in 2018. Martin said he is concerned about issues such as flooding on city streets.

“Nothing has changed,” Martin said Wednesday. “We still get flooding, traffic lights are bad. It just seems like they don’t want to fix the stuff that needs to be fixed. They always say they are going to do it, and it never gets done.”

Martin said he favors looking into alternative sources of energy, such as hydroelectric power.

“They have one in (Cannelton), Indiana,” he said. The city could have “another way to get power, but they don’t want to look into that.”

Martin said he also supports the city’s ambulance service being operated through the Owensboro Fire Department. Currently, the city and county have a contract with AMR of Evansville for ambulance service. Officials previously studied having the ambulance service under the city but opted to contract it out.

“I’m open for ideas,” Martin said when asked what options he was considering in terms of hydroelectric power. “I’ll listen to anybody who has anything to say.”

He said he iss interested in hearing ideas, “as long as it benefits the taxpayer.”

When asked about how his experience has prepared him for office, Martin said, “the best experience you can have is people experience.”

“I believe I have an understanding of what needs to be done,” Martin said. “... Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of stuff. If I don’t know it, learn it and find out if it works or doesn’t work.”

Martin said he would be careful with city funds.

“If I get city commissioner, there are two things I’ll ask myself: ‘Can we afford it?’ and ‘do we need it?’ ”

James Mayse, 270-691-7303,, Twitter: @JamesMayse

James Mayse, 270-691-7303,, Twitter: @JamesMayse

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