Tom and Kim Bard, owners of The Bard Distillery in Graham, went to Butte, Montana, to help fill 1,000 bottles of Good Deeds Malt Whiskey to raise money for charity.

Good Deeds is a nonprofit created by craft distilleries to send 100% of profits to the charities selected.

Tom Bard said this year’s sale will benefit the American Craft Spirits Association’s STEPUP program, “which provides an avenue for minorities to become involved in and learn more about the distilling industry.”

There are only 1,000 bottles available at $75 each at

The sale begins Friday.

“We hope to raise $75,000,” Bard said. “I know there are plenty of whiskey connoisseurs and collectors in our area, so I wanted to get the word out so they had a chance to grab one of these rare bottles that has a local connection. We expect them to sell out quickly.”

He said The Bard Distillery didn’t have any single malt whiskey that was ready to be included with this release, “so we contributed by traveling to Butte, Montana, to help bottle and label the spirit. We will contribute our spirits to future releases.”

Bard said he doesn’t know what next year’s whiskey will be, “but if it’s something we have, we’ll participate.”

Good Deeds Malt Whiskey was created from a blend of nine donated whiskeys from craft distilleries across the country.

It was then returned to used bourbon barrels for five months.

Bard said his Muhlenberg County distillery is having supply chain issues this year.

“It’s very difficult to find bottles,” he said. “They’re on a cargo ship in the Atlantic. I haven’t been able to bottle bourbon since June. I hope to be able to get some out before Christmas.”

The distillery makes Cinder & Smoke, a 13-year-old straight bourbon, and Silver Muhl White Whiskey, also known as moonshine.

Bard says he has bottles for the white whiskey and is getting ready to bottle some in a few days.

Last December, the Bards opened their distillery in the former Graham High School building, which opened in 1933 and closed in 1990.

It continued as an elementary school until 2004.

Bard and three generations of his family attended school there.

“I know we’re the first legal distillery in Muhlenberg County since Prohibition,” he said. “And I haven’t found a record of any before then.”

Earlier this year, The Bard became the 41st member of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Tom Bard learned distilling after a decade of study and networking, including attending Distillery Camp.

Kim Bard is a former middle school principal and NASCAR driver.

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