The Muhlenberg Job Corps Center is offering a new, accelerated certification program over the summer for graduating seniors within western Kentucky.

Certifications will be offered in the fast-paced format: certified nursing assistant and material handling and distribution. Most of the work can be completed online, so MJCC is offering the program to nonresidential students.

Nonresidential students refer to those who are not located within Muhlenberg County or who can easily commute to the county, said Jacob Groves, MJCC director of outreach and admissions.

“With this new program we are able to offer in a semi-virtual format, students from as far as Paducah or Owensboro can participate, if they are eligible,” he said.

Job Corps is a free residential career training and education program for people ages 16-24. There are options for students to stay on campus and to receive a stipend. Participate must meet income requirements and must be in need of job skills training, education, counseling or other assistance to help them get started on a career pathway.

Other eligibility requirements include being a U.S. citizen, being drug-free and not requiring court supervision, among others.

Nick Toomey, MJCC director of student training, said at this time nonresident students are not allowed to stay at the center. Nonresident students will complete most of their credential work virtually, but will be asked to come to the center on days they have to complete hands-on performance aspects of their evaluation process.

Participating students can also be provided with transportation to and from the center if they don’t have a means to travel there during their hands-on components.

Traditionally, the certifications take six months to complete, but with this newly-designed accelerated offering, students will be able to complete them within three months, dependent upon meeting the Testing for Adult Basic Education Academic Requirements and already possessing a high school diploma.

“As long as the student understands they are in the accelerated program and they are self-motivated, they can easily complete this process within three months,” Toomey said.

The goal of the program is to push students through the initial basic training, so if they want to continue through to college or a degree, this can help them along that path, he added.

Students who are interested in this program can contact Groves directly at 270-377-3301 or by email at

To learn more information about Job Corps, visit

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

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