Muhlenberg school extends thanks to employees and community pic

MSMS and MCPS custodial and maintenance staff attend the school’s February “Thank You Thursday” luncheon. The next luncheon will be held in April for retired teachers and staff.

Muhlenberg school extends thanks to employees and community pic

Faculty, staff and students at Muhlenberg South Middle School hold monthly “Thank You Thursday” luncheons to show their gratitude to community members who go out of their way for the school and the district throughout the school year.

South Middle Principal Brian Lile said the school hosts luncheons just about every month during the school year with the exception of November and December. He said it is the school’s way of saying thank you to various school and community members.

“We ask so much sometimes … of our community and our people and this was an opportunity for us just to recognize them, give them the credit that we feel they deserve and let them know that all the hard work they do for our schools, for our students, our community, doesn’t go unnoticed,” Lile said.

A recent “Thank You Thursday” was for school and district maintenance and custodial staff to thank them for keeping the schools clean and in good condition, Lile said. He said the school thanks a different group each month, including emergency responders, retired teachers and staff, maintenance crews, bus drivers, community and state leaders and elected officials, school board and central office staff. The largest one of the year, he said, is usually the emergency responders lunch.

Lile said students also regularly participate in the luncheons by making thank you cards to hand out to attendees to show their appreciation for their services. The school also has its Leadership Academy greet honored guests at the doors and make them feel welcome.

The next and final thank you luncheon will be held in April for retired teachers and staff members.

“This one may be my favorite one … It’s anyone who has ever retired from Muhlenberg South Middle School. We invite them to come back, and it’s almost like a big family reunion,” Lile said. “Some of them haven’t seen each other in so long and they just enjoy seeing each other again and getting back into the school. Some of those faces, we haven’t seen in a couple years, and that one has become a really special one.”

During the April luncheon, the school will also make a “Forever MSMS SUNS” banner with photos of retired staff and teachers who have passed away.

“We never forget those who have made an impact. Even though they’re no longer with us, we can still give them recognition as well,” Lile said.

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