Trump ramping up criticisms of Fox, usually a friendly venue

NEW YORK — President Donald Trump's latest Twitter attack on the media focuses on Fox News, although it's hardly the first time he's found fault with the network where he most often finds a friendly reception.

Trump wrote Sunday that watching Fox on the weekend was worse than watching CNN and MSNBC, and criticized the network for using The New York Times as a source.

The president was said to be angered by Fox segments on the immigration crisis that cited a Sunday Times story, and a live shot from France where a profane chant about Trump broke out among bar patrons celebrating the United States' World Cup victory over the Netherlands.

Advisers say it's important to Trump that Fox remains "loyal" to him to balance networks he feels are against him.

UN human rights chief 'deeply shocked' by condition of migrant detention centers in Texas

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Monday she is "appalled by the conditions" being forced upon migrants after crossing the southern U.S. border and admonished the federal government for failing to find noncustodial alternatives.

"Any deprivation of liberty of adult migrants and refugees should be a measure of last resort," she said, adding that where detention is necessary it should be for the shortest period and under conditions that satisfy international human rights standards.

"Clearly, border management measures must comply with the State's human rights obligations and should not be based on narrow policies aimed only at detecting, detaining and expeditiously deporting irregular migrants," Bachelet said.

The high commissioner singled out the treatment of migrant children, saying she was "deeply shocked that children are forced to sleep on the floor in overcrowded facilities, without access to adequate healthcare or food, and with poor sanitation conditions."

Trump raises eyebrows in promoting his environment record

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is promoting what he is calling his administration's "environmental leadership" despite its sweeping rollbacks of landmark environmental and public health protections. Critics are calling it a credulity-straining gesture aimed at winning over voters worried about climate change and pollution.

Trump's speech at the White House on Monday afternoon will focus on the administration's "practical approach to addressing environmental challenges while also supporting a strong economy," Mary Neumayr, who heads the president's Council on Environmental Quality, told reporters in previewing his remarks.

Polls show increasing numbers of voters are identifying the environment and climate change as priorities, although the issues are a much bigger concern for Democrats rather than for Trump's Republican base.

Trump has a tough case to make as an environmental steward given his record, according to former environmental advocates and former federal regulators.

Mustafa Santiago Ali, a former official in the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Environmental Justice, said the White House is recognizing that "the majority of folks in the country are now beginning to pay attention to climate issues and environmental issues."


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