RWRA construction

Traffic is backed up at the end of the school day Thursday as drivers exit Owensboro High School at McCreary and Griffith avenues. Work is being done on McCreary Avenue by the Regional Water Resource Agency that has led to the detours being placed at both ends of the street that has an access to the rear parking lot of OHS.

Owensboro Public Schools and the Regional Water Resource Agency are in agreement that a road detour placed along McCreary Avenue in Owensboro this week is not causing any added traffic congestion during its drop-off and pick-up times at Owensboro High School.

Victor Cernius, Regional Water Resource Agency director of operations, said Thursday that the agency began doing “standard lateral repairs” on the roadway for the city this week.

“We are just doing all the repairs on that street before they do the paving here so we don’t have to disturb their paving afterwards.”

While he understands a road detour can be an inconvenience, Cernius said that it was required so that RWRA could safely complete the job.

“Typically, anytime we impact a business’ entrance where the flow of traffic can’t get in or out we will coordinate with that business ahead of time or the resident if we are going to impact them getting in or out of their driveway,” he said. “In this case, we are not actually blocking any of the entrances to the school.”

Located behind Owensboro High School and the OPS board office, McCreary Avenue serves as one of the ways parents or guardians can drop-off or pick-up their students. While the street is currently not accessible through Ford Avenue, it can still be accessed via Griffith Avenue on the other side of McCreary Avenue.

Jared Revlett, public information officer for OPS, said Thursday that he is more concerned about the delays caused by unrelated construction in front of OHS along Frederica Street than the work being done on McCreary Avenue.

“I think there is just more traffic on Frederica Street and when they bump it down to one lane on one side, that can cause some additional delays but it is nothing that is a super inconvenience,” Revlett said.

While local agencies typically give the district notice if any work that will take an extended period of time has be done near one of the schools, Revlett said there is no requirement that they coordinate their schedules.

With the expected incoming rains, Cernius said that the repairs should be completed by next Friday, and the detour will be removed.

“If we were blocking any of the entrances we would have coordinated directly with the school, but we didn’t think that we impacted their traffic flow,” he said. “I understand that no one likes any detour anywhere if it hurts their most efficient path.”

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