The Owensboro Human Relations Commission is conducting a Community Needs Assessment Survey to connect with residents amid COVID-19 to pinpoint specific needs, according to Executive Director Jaklyn Hill.

“We’re using it as a means to connect with our community and help them learn about what we do as well as see what needs to be done in our community.,” Hill said. “A lot of people’s situations have changed. A lot of people are needing resources they might not have needed in the past,” she said. “We’re also using that data to analyze where needs need to be met.”

Hill said OHRC was established about 1972 by city ordinance to work toward ending discrimination in the community. She said the commission strives to help better the community and assists residents in filing discrimination cases.

Data might help OHRC understand, for example, whether there are certain areas with similar accounts of housing discrimination or issues with housing related to the pandemic, Hill said.

“If we see that there are several areas in the community that are having this issue, we know that is where we need to allocate our time,” she said.

Hill said OHRC might take action on certain community needs by ensuring residents know their personal rights, such as fair housing laws and resources available in the community to help them in certain circumstances.

Hill said the survey has received 67 responses thus far and while there is not enough data yet to make an analysis on responses, she said many individuals submitting responses have reported not being aware of community resources available to them. She said OHRC’s goal is to ensure everyone has access to those resources.

OHRC is still looking to continue publicizing its community survey, potentially with the help of other community partners, Hill said.

The Community Needs Assessment Survey can be found on the OHRC Facebook page and website. Hill said survey entries will remain anonymous.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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