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Jay Jones, owner and operator of OneWildHoney in Beech Grove, displays an array of his local honeys, balms, herbal remedies and cider.

OneWildHoney Apiary Farm in Beech Grove recently joined the McLean County Chamber of Commerce. The farm is owned and operated by Jay Jones, his wife Denisse Jones and brother Sam Jones.

Jay Jones, a retired colonel with the U.S. Army, said he has kept bees for at least 20 years. Jay and Denisse Jones started OneWildHoney after moving back to Beech Grove three years ago and purchasing a 100-acre farm off of Honeybee Lane, just several miles from where Jay Jones said he grew up in McLean County.

“My wife and I came back to McLean County to look for a place to buy a home and we found a 100-acre farm,” Jay Jones said. “We got into not only beekeeping, but also holistic medicines and we’ve got into a lot of herbal remedies and different things.”

OneWildHoney creates an array of products, including two types of honey, a yarrow plantain salve and its elderberry cough syrup.

The salve is made with wild yarrow plants that grow on Jones’ farm. He said the balm is meant to be rubbed on cuts and scrapes to reduce bleeding and provide some pain relief. He said honey also helps with seasonal allergies and hayfever, while the elderberry cough syrup is meant to act as an immune booster and natural cough suppressant.

“Elderberry has been around for thousands of years as a natural virus fighter. It actually attacks viruses … and it will ward off colds and flus and it’s a wonderful thing,” Jones said. “To my knowledge, we’re the only people making elderberry syrup here in the county and we do it from our own elderberries that we actually grow.”

The couple currently keeps 20 hives on the OneWildHoney farm and manages them throughout the year, making sure they are well-taken care of with a loving environment and plenty of blossoms to get nectar from to produce honey, Jay Jones said.

He said he was attracted to beekeeping because of his fascination for honey bees and the purpose they serve in pollination and honey production.

Jones said his business is unique to the community because of how his products are made.

“The uniqueness is it is local, we’re organic and we’re a sustainable farm,” he said. “We do everything locally here. Everything that we have here is stuff that we’ve grown on the farm. It’s all natural and all organic. We don’t use any pesticides, all of our bees are naturally kept.”

Jones said he also enjoys being able to teach people in the community about his products and the benefit of using natural ingredients.

OneWildHoney products can be purchased at the McLean County Farmers Market, as well as at the apiary farm and the product website where orders can be placed for local pickup or shipped.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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