Barbershops, beauty salons and nail salons have been closed for the past two weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hair is getting longer — and grayer, from some folks.

And nails are in need of attention.

Some people are watching Gov. Andy Beshear — “Uncle Andy” to some on social media — at his daily news briefings to make sure his hair is getting longer.

“We’re all in this together” is their mantra.

We asked people on Facebook how they’re coping.

Here are some of the answers:

Marie Allison said, “We may all have to start wearing ponytails.”

“I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for years, here at the house,” Kim Shown said. “I’m still a licensed cosmetologist, but I only cut his and my son’s.”

Lorna Lanham said, “Ponytail.”

“Natural hair colors for women and either shaved heads or ‘80s hair-band hair will be back for men before this is over,” said Leigh Ann Moore Tipton.

Rick Carrico said, “I cut my own. Don’t have that much to cut.”

“Just letting it fade gracefully,” said Darin Evans.

Jacqueline Marie Johnson said, “Gray is coming through and I kinda like it.”

“I was already gray, so it’s not a problem for me,” Jean Purcell said.

Linda Payne McGrew said, “I have always colored my hair, but have decided to let it go gray. I’m not vain enough to chance my health on a box of hair dye.”

A drawer full of hair

Beverly “Goldie” Goldie Payne said, “I still have a drawer full of extra hair from my ‘big hair days’. So I’ll be OK.”

Marla Jennison said, “I’ll cut Stewart’s hair soon. He has threatened to shave his head. For the first 30 years of our marriage, I always cut his hair.”

Dave Lindquist said, “I cut my own hair with a Flowbee. Been doing it for years.”

Patty Harker said, “Lucky for me I started letting the white out. I trim my husband’s and sons. I can tie mine up when gets too long.”

“I’m winging it,” Leslie Carrico said. “Let the gray begin.”

Linda Connor said, “I have had my hair colored for 27 years. But it will be a while before that happens again because we are staying in. Gray hair don’t care.”

“I only get color once a year,” Marcia Brocato Maynard said. “It works for me.”

Doris Moore Frakes said, “I always have extra hair color in the closet so I don’t have to run out at the last minute.”

“Just letting mine go,” Vickie Strobel said. “It is getting pretty hideous, so I have decided to not even try to fix it.”

Anne Wood Conrad said, “I have never colored my hair, so that’s not a problem for me. However, the length is. I cut my bangs and it’s not too bad. Don’t think I’m brave enough to cut the rest. Guess I’ll just be long and shaggy when this is over.”

Might do some chopping

Diane Ulber Stinnett said, “I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, so I think this is great. Now I have a good excuse for the way my hair looks. Might do some chopping on it to add to the effect.”

“Just now due for a cut and color,” Margaret Crews said. “Going to let it go for a while and see how long I can stand it. I always miss spots when I try to color it myself.”

Susan Blincoe Blythe said, “Root Cover Up in a can is my best friend.”

“Ordered supplies online,” Malissa Troutman said. “I normally color my own hair. My nails, though, different story. I normally have acrylic over my nails and it allows me to do anything and they don’t break and polish stays on. I miss Angie G. Mattingly Alexander, who does my nails. We have the best time together. It is sometimes the best therapy.”

“I’ll become a long-haired hippy Republican,” said J. Ronald Newton. “So much for stereotyping, huh?”

Betty Jo Brooking Darnell said, “I’m coping well because of an inheritance from my father — naturally red hair that seems not to ever gray, at least not in these first 73 years.”

She added, “My husband and I have always cut our own hair, and sometimes one another’s. But I prefer his head shaved.”

Lonna Belcher said, “It’s almost time for my hair appointment and I’m stressed. I guess I’m going gray.”

Edwina Troutman Lee said, “Trying to keep my hair out of my eyes.”

“Our stylist came over Saturday afternoon and trimmed our hair on the back porch,” Gary Conlan said. “I told her I’d give her a call again in six weeks or so if her salon was still closed.”

Nan Simmons said, “I’ve been coloring my hair lighter for the last several months, preparing it to grow out to its natural gray. So, I’m gonna look like a striped mess for a good while. But no more color ever again.”

Rita Adams said, “I’ve had a Cruella de Vil skunk stripe for years. It’s getting wider. I may be completely gray by the time we can go out again.”

Debby Marie Stinnett Sweet said, “Let me just put it this way, I’m not ready to go gray yet. My mother frosted her hair at my age and now her hair is snow white and not gray. I don’t want mine snow white either.”

Gale Long Wright said, “I have always colored and cut my own hair.”

Susan Zoglmann said, “I quit highlighting my hair in 2014 when I retired from teaching agriculture at Catholic High. I figured the grandkids would love me anyway.”

“I’ve done all that myself for 20-plus years,” Belinda Abell said.

As someone said, “We may not recognize each other when this is over.”

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301;

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

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