U.S. Sen. Rand Paul drew a large crowd Monday evening at Reid’s Orchard for the Daviess County Republican Party’s Get Out the Vote Rally.

Paul, a Bowling Green Republican, spent most of his more than 11-minute speech criticizing Anthony Fauci’s role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and his influence with decisions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hank Linderman

My name is Hank Linderman, I am Brett Guthrie's Democratic opponent, and I was at the rally. (I asked to speak but was refused.) If what Guthrie and Paul said Monday night were even half true I wouldn't be able to be anything but Republican! Among their litany of lies, they claimed Democrats want women to to have the right to choose an abortion right up to the time of birth. What a disgusting concept! Nearly as disgusting as their willingness to peddle fear based on conspiracy theories they know are lies.

Ironically, they even said Americans needed the freedom to make their own health choices. Of course, that was about masks and vaccines, not reproductive freedom for women. I noticed the appeal to vote "yes" on amendment 2 produced a slightly muted response - not all Republican women are willing to go along with giving away their freedom. One Republican woman I spoke with agreed when I said that Republican women would be the ones to defeat amendment 2. She responded, "I agree 100 percent."

According to sources, Guthrie's net worth has increased over 15x while being in Congress. His family business has received millions in friendly loans, including the largest PPP loan of any business in America owned by a government official - $4.37M in 2020. He even beat out President Trump, who got *only* $2.8M.

Is it becoming clear why elites like Guthrie and Paul are so willing to lie?

Here is my promise to the good people of the 2nd District: if I am elected I will serve no more than 3 terms. I will not vote for any of the current Democratic leadership. And my focus will be on those of us who use our bodies as well as our minds to work. Every law I support will be from this standpoint: "How does this help the working people of America?"

Vote Democratic on November 8th and "NO" on amendment 2.

Hank Linderman

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