The Owensboro Police Department is searching for a man who committed an armed robbery of the PNC Bank branch at 2013 Frederica St. in Owensboro on Thursday morning.

Andrew Boggess, public information officer with the Owensboro Police Department, said the incident was reported to police dispatch just after 9:20 a.m.

When police arrived at the scene about four minutes later, the suspect, described as an African American male, had fled on foot.

Images from security footage released by police show the suspect wearing a dark Nike hooded sweatshirt, grey sweatpants and white tennis shoes.

“At this point we have not determined exactly how much money he has taken, but he did get away with some money,” Boggess said. “We are still out actively looking for him, our K-9s are out.”

Boggess said the man is believed to be armed with a handgun.

About a half-dozen OPD squad cars were on site as the department’s K-9 officers made their way up and down Legion Boulevard in an effort to pick up the trail of the suspect.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Wesleyan College and Owensboro Public School’s Newton Parrish Elementary School both entered into a precautionary lockdown. KWC is directly across Frederica Street from the bank. Newton Parrish is a few blocks away on West Byers Avenue.

“The Owensboro Police Department called and advised them to go into lockdown briefly, until they secured the perimeter,” said Jared Revlett, public information officer for Owensboro Public Schools. “It was eventually moved to a lockout shortly after and ultimately cleared less than an hour from the initial call.”

No injuries were reported during the robbery.

Anyone with information about the suspect can call dispatch at 270-687-8888 or CrimeStoppers at 270-687-8484.

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