Nearly 100 students from the region have received recognition for outstanding performances on the College Board’s Advanced Placement exams that were taken in May.

AP exams are graded on a 1 through 5 scale.

According to the College Board, which administers the exams, AP Scholars with Distinction are students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and score a 3 or higher on five or more of the exams; AP Scholars with Honor are students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and score a 3 or higher on four or more of these exams; and National AP Scholars are students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.

Daviess County Public Schools had 71 students recognized for their achievements on the exams, while Owensboro Public Schools had nine students, Owensboro Catholic Schools had seven students and Ohio County Schools had four students. Hancock County High School, Trinity High School and Muhlenberg County High School had no AP awards to report.

Apollo High School students who received the Scholar with Distinction Award were Nathaniel Payne, Braxton Powers and Catherine Wright.

Daviess County High School students who received the Scholar with Distinction Award were Jenna Barrow, Philip Caldbeck, Christopher Diaz, Savannah Dowell, Hannah Forrest, Harold Fuchs, Daniel Martin, Hope Ramming, Benjamin Robinson, Isabella Sailors, Maci Sanders, Chloe Sims, Sam Smith, Kylie Strehl, Luke Taylor, Emmylou Tidwell, Katherine Wahnsiedler and Jenna Waltrip.

Neil Hayden, Daviess County High School guidance counselor, said that while there are multiple avenues for students to earn college credit while in high school, AP courses are unique in that they are taught in-house.

“All of our AP courses are taught in the building by DCPS teachers,” he said. “We feel like AP sets a pretty prestigious mark on these kids, and for them to do well in the classroom here with our teachers, and comparatively to test well on national exams, says a lot about the students and educators involved.”

Also earning AP Scholars with Distinction honors were, from Owensboro Public Schools: Ella Bratcher and Dylan Mather; from Owensboro Catholic High School: Max W. Kurtz and Emma C. Silvert; from Ohio County High School: Kenedi Ashburn.

Sarah Brown, Owensboro High School instructional coach, said the AP courses and exams provide the possibility of college credit for students, and they are also “honorable additions to a student’s résumé or application.”

“Students that are pushing themselves to this level are more prepared for college by developing intensive study skills, self-discipline, organization and time management, and a growth mindset,” Brown said. “Being enrolled in an AP course challenges a student to a college-level education, but being in and succeeding in multiple is a new level of challenge.”

Students who received the AP Scholar with Honor Award were, from Apollo: Evan Hagan, Emma Ladnier, Isabella Riedell, Hannah Roberts and Lilliana Ocasio; from Daviess County: David Abel, Campbell Clark, Mason Ebelhar, Daniel Flick, Nika Harrington, Matthew Hendrix, Garrett Howard, Katie Mewes, Loriana Phillips, Lily Robbins, James Tidwell, Kinsey Vergason and Margaret Vooris; from Owensboro: Josephine Gesser and Lila Jones.

Students who received AP Scholars honors were, from Apollo: Harrison Dillbeck, Arianna Hayden, Brianna Johnson, Emma Millay, Noelle Shelton and Madison Westerfield; from Daviess County: Daniel Barrow, Irina Boarman, Hannah Boehman, Ross Boultinghouse, Camden Clark, James Crews, Lydia Dobbs, Emery Fergason, Mary Gainer, Logan Gish, Joshua Harwood, Emma Haynes, Holly Holton, Carter Howard, Jacob Jones, Hakeem Kalik, Taryn Lanham, Leigha Mattingly, Hallie Mayfield, Mary Nash, Elizabeth Newcomb, Noah Norris, Yash Patel, Chloe Richardson, Megan Sutherland and Maggie Stuart; from Owensboro: DeLaney Brown, Mia Covington, Camille Divine, Kara Luckett and Ava Reeves; from Owensboro Catholic: Joseph E. Fusco, Thomas Gonzalez, Robert B. Hayden, Luke M. Payne and Jansen L. Tipmore; and from Ohio County: Taylor Dayman, Bryce Shirley and Emily Sisk.

Keith Osborne, Owensboro Catholic Schools chief administrative officer, said AP classes and exams provide students with confidence in their abilities as they prepare to take another big step in their educational process.

“Students can benefit from (AP exams) in a variety of ways, from added confidence to earning more scholarships to continue their education,” he said.

Calls and messages to McLean County High School were not returned in time for this report.

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

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