RiverPark Center Executive Director Rich Jorn said Tuesday the performing arts center has received complaints about its monthly drag shows in the Ghostlight Lounge.

Jorn said people against the shows have circulated a petition with misleading information and have posted the phone numbers of RiverPark board members on social media.

James Mayse, 270-691-7303, jmayse@messenger-inquirer.com, Twitter:


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albert smith

I didn’t know about any petition. If I did, it would have had my signature as well. And I guarantee it would have had many more signatures if everyone was made aware. I don’t know this Jorn individual, but from everything I have collected from these articles, he should resign his position or change it. I have been a donor and a ticket holder but not anymore. The RPC will not get another dime from me. And if our elected officials do not hold up the values that western civilization was founded on then we need to look at replacing them too.

Ricky Young

I don't know "this Jorn individual" either - but you don't have to attend. If you would like some clean, wholesome fun - try barhopping in the 'Boro on the weekends....lots of clean entertainment there.

albert smith

Clever response. I’ve never made an argument for clean, or wholesome fun. I’m arguing for natural and mentally stable fun. I am, however, glad that you recognize that there is nothing clean or wholesome about drag queens and their “shows.” Have a nice day, Sugar.

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