Oasis executive director Andrea Robinson has taken on the position of board president for the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

OASIS women’s shelter is a Domestic Violence Program for battered women and their dependent children.

The KCADV comprises 15 shelters across Kentucky, each representing the district they are located in, according to Robinson. Oasis represents the Green River district.

The executive directors of each of the 15 shelters make up the board of directors for KCADV.

“KCADV, is our state coalition,” she said. “They provide supportive services to all of the member programs across the state; they provide technical assistance and they’re also the body that certifies us. Those of us that work in the member programs … we go through a pretty strong certification program to make sure that we’re well trained and informed on how to deal with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, all of those issues and things that our clients deal with.”

Robinson said the KCADV also leads intervention programs to hold batterers accountable through the court system and lobbies for change in laws and policies across the state to help better services, access and resources for those experiencing domestic violence.

Robinson has worked as the executive director for Oasis since January 2019. She took on the role of board president of the KCADV in May and is currently working both positions.

She said she is humbled to work with state programs to create a better, safer outcome and life for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault as well as dependent children in homes affected by domestic violence.

“I’m definitely humbled that I’ve been entrusted by the other member programs across the state, as well as the organization,” she said. “It’s definitely an honor and I’m grateful to be able to bring my own experience to the table.”

Christie Netherton, cnetherton@messenger-inquirer.com, 270-691-7360

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