Area school districts are having difficulty filling positions, especially those for certified educators.

Courtney Payne, Daviess County Public Schools human resource manager, said the district currently has 57 job postings for what are referred to as classified positions, such as custodians, bus drivers and instructional assistants. Some of those postings, however, garner more than one hire, she said.

“So the number of technical openings is more than that,” she said.

There are also 19 certified, or teaching, positions open, she said.

“Certified positions are a little more difficult to fill,” she said. “We are seeing a lot of movement internally and in between districts, so that number changes frequently at this point in the summer.”

Most of the positions are at the middle and high school levels, and are science, math and special education postings. There is also an interim middle school principal position open at College View Middle School as the principal there was recently promoted to the central office.

Many school districts have created new positions this school year, which they paid for with COVID-19 federal relief dollars. Those funds are meant to help recoup some of the learning loss that was a result of the fragmented and disrupted 2020-21 school year.

But Payne said the concern with filling positions isn’t necessarily that there are a lot of openings.

“What we are seeing is a significantly lower number of applicants applying for jobs,” she said. “That’s been a big struggle. We have a higher number of openings this year than before, but what’s really hurting us is the pool of applicants.”

The district is using some creativity and flexibility this year to fill some of the positions, and utilizing social media to help advertise.

Essentially, Payne said, if someone wants a job and they think they qualify, they can call the DCPS central office to learn more information. If training is required, the district can help with that.

For more information about DCPS jobs, visit, and click the employment link under quick links at the top of the page. Interested applicants can also call DCPS central office at 270-852-7000.

Carlie Brown, Owensboro Public Schools personnel director, said there are 42 classified positions available within the school district, most of which are instructional assistants and transportation department employees.

There are 20 certified positions open, and most of those were created with the new federal dollars this year to help with pandemic-related retention issues.

OPS, like most school districts, also has some positions pertaining to special education that remain open.

Most of the positions are support and intervention roles that are meant to help students who may be behind because of the last school year.

However, Brown said at this point in the summer, district officials aren’t at the point where they will struggle to cover classrooms.

“I would like to say we are hopeful,” she said, adding that since March of this year the district has hired 158. “We are trying to remain positive we will get the positions filled.”

Brown said if anyone is interested in obtaining a part- or full-time job to contact the district at 270-686-1000, or visit the central office at 450 Griffith Ave. where, in the lobby, a public computer is available to help individuals fill out applications.

Job listings and applications are also available on the district website at At the top of the web page, there is an employment tab.

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

Bobbie Hayse,, 270-691-7315

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