The Daviess County Public Library will welcome singer, songwriter and indie rock musician Chris Staples for a performance at the library Saturday, Oct. 1.

Wesley Johnson, library associate, said it will be the third time Staples has performed at the library and the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am a big music guy, a big vinyl collector,” Johnson said. “I have been in Owensboro for several years now, and I merge the fact that I know my audience and I know music.”

Johnson said he enjoys having artists play at the library that maybe the majority of Daviess County residents have not yet heard of.

“I feel like it is enriching for the patrons to be able to get exposed to new music, and it is also an opportunity for the local music scene,” he said.

Staples, who honed his craft in the indie rock genre while living in Seattle, said he is looking forward to performing for a live audience again.

“I usually tour a good bit,” Staples said. “But since the pandemic happened, I really haven’t played any shows.”

Staples, who has performed both as a member of multiple bands and as a solo artist, described his music as a mixture of singer-songwriter, Americana and indie-rock.

Staples, who is signed to Barsuk Records, put out his most recent album — “Holy Moly” — in 2019.

The concert will take place in the adult programming area on the second floor of the Daviess County Public Library at 2020 Frederica St.

Staples said he has enjoyed his time performing in Owensboro.

“The first time I played in Owensboro was the first time I ever played in a library,” Staples said. “It is kind of interesting place for a show. The second time the show had about twice as many people come out.”

Local musician Taylor Dooley Burden will open the show for Staples.

“I have been friends with her for quite while,” Johnson said. “She has one of the strongest voices in Owensboro, in my opinion.”

Johnson said that he always likes to try and pair a local musician with some of the out-of-state acts he books at the library, and he believes Staples and Burden will be a good pairing for the audience next Saturday.

“It is all about providing some enjoyment for the patrons,” he said.

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