Belinda and Scott Anderson, owners of Stellians, stand recently inside their Central City pizza restaurant at 116 E. Broad St. The pizzeria has become known for its 8 pound pizza and “freak shakes.”

Stellians in Central City, known for their 8 pound pizzas and Freak Shakes, had its soft re-opening in recent weeks and it is new and improved.

In addition to getting a new brick oven, owners Belinda and Scott Anderson gave the whole restaurant a face-life complete with new floors, a fresh coat of paint, remodeled restrooms and new tables and seats. In the last several months, the restaurant, 116 E. Broad St., went through around $30,000 in upgrades.

While the restaurant was only serving carry-out orders during COVID-19 restrictions and renovations, it had a re-opening on June 5 for dine-in customers.

Stellians, originally started in 2011 according to Belinda Anderson, was originally known for its 8 pound pizzas. However, in February last year, she said she came across what was called a ‘freak shake,’ or an extravagant, over the top milkshake, and decided she wanted to try them out in the restaurant.

She said, at first, her husband and food representative did not like the idea and pushed her not to do it. She decided to try it out anyway and set a goal of selling 11 in a month, but ended up selling 11 in the first 10 minutes, according to Belinda Anderson. Since then, she said, the idea has really taken off.

“It was a whole lot bigger than we ever dreamed that it would be. It was bigger than what we were prepared for in the first three or four months,” she said.

The most ‘freak shakes’ sold in one day was 252, according to Belinda Anderson. The shakes have brought in so many customers that the restaurant has stopped hosting live music since there is such limited space inside, she said.

While Stellians keeps its regular shake flavors of “Peanut Butter S’mores,” “Chocolate Overload,” and “Candy Land,” Anderson said they do a monthly or by-monthly specialty shake as well. Both her and her staff have become very creative with the flavors in the past year, she said.

“They are over the top. We’ll pile anything,” Anderson said.

Although there is limited seating inside with a small interior and COVID-19 restrictions, Anderson said there is also patio seating and she is hopeful that the restaurant will be at full-capacity soon.

Christie Netherton,, 270-691-7360

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