Residents and workers who were coping with Monday’s winter storm didn’t let the weather affect their jobs and in some cases, their daily routines.

The first wave of snow fell early Monday morning with a second wave hitting around noon. The frigid temperatures were also a factor as highs hovered in the teens during the day.

Jonathan Cook, a city grounds and Owensboro Transit System employee, had the task of clearing the sidewalks in front of the bus station and around other city buildings.

“There’s a lot of (foot) traffic here because of the buses,” Cook said. “We put salt down (Sunday) to help us this morning and it really did.”

To help keep warm, Cook said he layers up with clothing knowing his job requires him to be outside.

“If I do get cold, I’ll just hop in the truck,” Cook said.

Although vehicle traffic was light, OTS buses were operational and making their usual rounds.

Elizabeth Moore, an OTS bus driver, said she wasn’t having any trouble getting to her stops.

She added that the OTS buses play an important role in transporting residents to get their medicines or groceries, especially during inclement weather.

“As far as I know, we’re not going to shut down,” Moore said. “We want to make sure we’re there for the people who don’t feel comfortable getting out and driving. That’s why we’re the professionals. We’re here to make sure that they still get to their basic needs. …We don’t want them in a car; we want them to get on the buses so that we can get them there safely and back home.”

While there were those whose jobs put them in the contact with the weather, others took time to enjoy the snow and kept to their routines.

Owensboro resident Worth Mountjoy and his miniature schnauzer named Kizer kept to their noon walking schedule even as snow fell around them at Ninth and Allen streets.

Mountjoy said he dressed in his snow-ski gear to protect him from the cold.

“It’s lovely to walk out here in this kind of weather,” he said. “I think if it’s going to be cold there might as well be snow on the ground. …I actually put on my skis a couple of years ago and I might try to do that again.”

On Lewis Lane, Devon Paul, with his girlfriend Raigen Thompson, was shoveling snow from their driveway and sidewalk.

Paul and Thompson said they didn’t mind the wintry weather.

“I like the winter and the snow isn’t too bad — at least right now,” Paul said. “…This is the first time I’ve used this shovel for snow.”

According to the National Weather Service, more accumulating snow is being predicted for the middle of the week.

Don Wilkins,, 270-691-7299

Don Wilkins,, 270-691-7299

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