Dorris Hawkins, A.D. Rhodes and Clarence Brown are in the county jail to await examining trial on the charge of robbing R. T. Wells and M.E. Bunch at their grocery store in Seven Hills, obtaining about $350 in money of large and small denominations. Previous to the holdup of Wells and Bunch, the same crowd had held up Murray Williams, another grocer. At the Williams’ store there were several men in the store and Rhodes and Brown were able to distract Williams and get him outside of the store. There was only small amount in the register.

May 9, 1922, a movement is shortly to be made to establish children’s playgrounds in Owensboro and it is believed that a number of wealthy citizens will be ready when the proposition is brought before them to contribute to a worthy cause. There is a great need for this as the city parks do not afford such a recreation place for the children and are not easily accessible. These are almost essential in every community.

May 10, a bolt of lightning lifted Hunter M. Collins from the tractor he was operating on his country farm, stripped him of practically all of his clothing and hurried him five feet. His body was found after the brief storm. The tractor was not damaged. Mr. Collins was alone in his fields and as time passed and he failed to return, is father, Charles Collins, went to search for him. The victim’s shoes were torn from his feet and his hat and clothing were in shreds.

May 11, many of the churches will observe Mother’s Day Sunday with special programs. All of the pastors will have a word for Mother’s Day. The First Baptist Church will have a special sermon and Mrs. C. G. Nalle will sing “The Songs My Mother Use to Sing.” The evening service will be devoted to a program of old-fashioned music, carrying out the spirit of the day. Settle Memorial will have a special Sunday school service as well as Epworth League.

May 12, an order of court has been made to put on sale at public auction June 7 all the plant, real estate and personal property of the old Owensboro Water Works company. This embraces the pumping station at the foot of Lewis Street, several miles of mains under the streets of the city, a large vacant lot at the corner of Triplett and Ninth streets and one or two other small lots. The water works plant was closed down several months ago. Nobody seems to know what the water plant and mains should bring as junk.

May 13, Park Hall, Roscoe Butler and James Hodges, all of Beaver Dam, were arrested in Fordsville for drunkenness and the two first named were fined $10 and costs in police court. They were turned over to Magistrate Murphy in whose court the same men were given fines of $100 and thirty days in jail for having whiskey in t heir possession and transporting it unlawfully. Young Hodges will be tried in juvenile court and was brought to Hartford and delivered to County Judge Wedding.

50 Years Ago

May 9, 1972, Soil Stewardship Week, a nationwide observance which places emphasis on man’s obligation as steward of the soil, water and other resources, is being observed this week, May 7-14, according to W.W. Haynes, chairman of the Daviess County Conservation District. “Creative Conservation,” the theme of this year’s observance, underscores the responsibility which each citizen has in fulfilling his role as caretaker of resources.

May 10, the Owensboro Youth Symphony Orchestra will present its annual spring concert in the Southern Junior High School auditorium. The orchestra will be directed by Leon Gregorian, conductor of the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. A feature of the program will be a presentation of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” narrated by Patricia Isbill, Miss Teenage Owensboro for 1972. Miss Isbill has appeared in several local theater productions.

May 11, residents of the Green River region will be seeing their area’s tourist and recreational attractions on the television screen starting Monday. The tourism committee of the Green River Area Development District implemented an advertising campaign highlighting the attractions of the seven-county area. Some 40 sponsors each gave $125 to finance the promotion.

May 12, Mayor Waitman Taylor officially opened the membership drive for the Owensboro Council of the Navy League of the United States when he enrolled as a charter member of the organization which has a goal of 500 local charter members. The Navy League’s objectives are to foster and maintain interest in a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine; to foster the spirit of teamwork and rapport between various service branches and to educate and train youth in the customs and traditions of the water-related services through the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

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