Clara Winstead, Janie Travis, Robert Berry and Roland Crawley were arraigned in Squire Hite’s court, charged with disorderly conduct.

The girls and boys were arrested late Thursday night after a complaint had been made to the police about the conduct of the girls who have been meeting young men in the vicinity of Rome and at other points along the road. Guy Pendleton, who was with the party, agreed to follow the patrol on his motorcycle, but made his getaway when the city was reached. The Winstead girl was arrested here several weeks ago with another Evansville girl. They made their escape from the Mary Kendell home and were found living in a shack in the Rome vicinity.

Sept. 13, 1921, the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company is holding a 10-day school for the various chief operators in the Owensboro district. The course which is in reality a review of toll operating rules and practices is being taught by Miss Lillian Gibson, district instructress. Miss Gibson has just recently returned from the division office in Louisville where she was a student at a division school taught by various traffic representatives.

Sept. 14, Mrs. Kate Coons, mother of Robert Coons, who lost his life in the ZR-2 disaster, has been advised that the remains of her son will arrive at New York on Friday. She was also advised of preparations for services upon the landing of the body in the east before being sent to Owensboro. Leaders of fraternal organizations are requested to confer with Harold Dinkelspeel, commander of the American Legion, within the next few days regard funeral plans.

Sept. 15, John Henry Harris, residing near Livia, and Mrs. Alice D. Sparks, were married in the county clerk’s office in the presence of friends and relatives who accompanied the couple to Owensboro. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Loren Furstenberger of the Christian Church. This is the second venture in matrimonial circles for both the bride and groom. Mr. Harris is 65 years old and his wife is 46.

Sept. 16, a mother was arrested in Aurora, Ill., on complaint of two daughters who charged her with the murder of their father. The mother, Mrs. Frances Balchunas, 34, was taken into custody with John Petroska, 27, whom the girls, Helen, 18, and Frances, 14, charged has been attentive to their mother. They said Mrs. Balchunas had turned on the gas one night as their father, Domino, slept. The girls say the night their father died was asked by their mover to give up a room he had been sleeping in to occupy the one in which he met his death.

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