TrueNorth has experienced tremendous growth in recent months.

On Jan. 22, the agency will open sober living apartments for 16 men at 1512-1514 W. Fourth St. Also, TrueNorth’s substance abuse and alcohol treatment center in downtown Owensboro has added seven new providers and multiple programs in recent months.

TrueNorth founder and executive director Jennifer Seaton, a certified drug and alcohol counselor, opened a sober living facility for women in 2017.

Her husband, Chris Seaton, recently spearheaded the new Owensboro Recovery Project, which plans to create a hub for services and a social network for people recovering from addiction and for those seeking recovery.

“I’ve dreamed about owning and operating my own treatment program since I started in this field 10 years ago,” Jennifer Seaton said. “I love helping and empowering people.”

The new men’s sober living facility was really Chris Seaton’s dream, she said.

“We are truly excited to expand our services to men so that Chris can be more involved and utilize his skills and passion,” Jennifer Seaton said.

Last year, she partnered with fellow substance abuse and alcohol counselors Travis and Lauren Morrison to open TrueNorth’s outpatient treatment center on the fourth floor of the former McAtee’s building at 121 E. Second St.

The treatment center offers mental health and substance use assessments, individual counseling sessions, group sessions and a person-centered treatment approach. Morning and evening sessions are available. The center also provides drug and alcohol screenings and follow-up continued care services.

When the center opened in April 2019, the Morrisons worked part-time at TrueNorth. Seaton was the only full-time employee.

Now, less than a year later, they all work full time, and TrueNorth has hired seven more providers. The new staff fills a mix of full- and part-time jobs at the center.

On Tuesday morning, TrueNorth posted additional job listings for an office assistant who has experience working with insurance companies, a certified peer support specialist and a targeted case manager.

Also, there are plans to expand the center’s independently licensed clinical staff, Travis Morrison said.

Earlier this month, TrueNorth started offering services to children and families, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. The agency also opened a parenting group.

At times, the Department for Community Based Services requires parents to take parenting classes. TrueNorth’s program meets that requirement.

This week, TrueNorth added a five-day per week group treatment program. Already, it’s nearly full.

The agency also has a three-day per week program, and its continued care support services offer sessions one day per week.

In addition, Lauren Morrison recently started Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, commonly known as EMDR, which is a psychotherapy used to treat anxiety disorders.

“We’re going to house you. We’re going to treat you. We’re going to treat your family. We’re going to have somebody there to provide continued support services outside business hours,” Travis Morrison said of TrueNorth’s expanding services.

The agency’s quick growth has taken its owners by surprise.

Soon, a second waiting room will be added to TrueNorth’s office suite. Two new group meeting rooms are in the works, too.

TrueNorth’s owners have not signed a lease for the entire fourth floor of the former McAtee building yet, but their business is growing in that direction.

“Our growth is happening very, very fast,” Travis Morrison said.

For more information about TrueNorth Treatment Center, call 270-240-1785. For TrueNorth Sober Living for Men, call 270-215-4800.

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835,

Renee Beasley Jones, 270-228-2835,

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