The Western Kentucky Regional Blood Center is running low on blood and is in need of donations.

The center is is in particular need of O-positive and O-negative blood, but it will gladly accept all donations, CEO Janet Howard said.

“O-positive and O-negative tend to be used more than other blood types, as they are compatible with most people in an emergency situation,” she said. “You don’t wait until you’re out of blood to start looking for it. We’re getting real low on that, so we are trying to gear up now so we can head off being low.

“Summer is alway hard. People are busy. They’re traveling more, and we need donors to come in.”

Howard said a big setback to donations has been the pandemic, which caused a scarcity of available donors.

“With the pandemic, life has just changed so much,” she said. “Companies that used to allow us to come and draw donors either have their workforce that are still at home or they are so busy because they are so short-staffed that even if we do come to their facility, sometimes their staff do not have time to donate.”

The center, which does all of the FDA-required testing of donated blood in house, provides blood to six hospitals and three air ambulances.

Donations can be made at the center, 3015 Old Hartford Road, or at any blood drive held in the region. The Knottsville Fire Department is hosting the Blood Mobile on Monday afternoon.

“We go to different locations and set up blood drives depending on who we’ve talked to, depending on who asks us to come,” Howard said. “The public comes to us, but we try to come to them, too.”

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