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In My View

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Semple Elementary first-grade teacher Christina Carter read a story to her class about a child who faced stressful events every day, making it hard to focus at school. After the story, she gave her students at the Louisville school a prompt -- if Ms. Carter only knew. Some of the responses w…

Readers Write

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Many benefit from new tax lawThere’s been extensive coverage by the media that the new tax law was only going to benefit the rich and big corporations. I am sure they will benefit the most because they are paying the largest portion of the income tax, but ordinary working people also will be…

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President Trump is doing a great jobMr. Stan Lightner stated in his Jan. 22 letter that President Donald Trump has signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s and that he has become a clear and present danger to our country.While under Trump’s watch, our military has helped to defeat and destroy ISIS …