President Trump could begin a reign of tyranny if a majority of Congress and the Supreme Court went along with it. I think it is possible that Republican congressmen/women would be forced to support Trump tyranny out of fear that openly opposing the President would cause them to lose re-election in their own states and districts, as they are doing now.

However, the remaining obstacle - the Supreme Court - would be harder for Trump to commandeer. The conservative justices would feel less pressure to support him, since they don’t have to be re-elected. However, Trump could force Congress to impeach the justices if they opposed him, which might still pressure them into supporting Trump tyranny.

If such a plan worked, Trump could theoretically turn the country into Nazi Germany. I think the possibility of such a disaster is remote -- let's hope that many Republican congressmen/women will be selfless enough to sacrifice their own political careers for the good of the nation should Trump attempt to restrict basic freedoms, although, so far they have been pretty spineless.

In short, there is a way for Trump to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. Let's hope he doesn't succeed.

Danny Baggarly


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Bruce Pierce

Danny, The United States is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he was asked. Do we have a Democracy or a Republic? The answer was "A Republic if you can keep it." He should know, he was one of the major statesmen at the time. If you think President Trump is leading a tyranny, I would much rather have his than the one promoted by the Democrats. it is the Democrats that want to restrict our basic rights, while the President is doing his best to give them back. His policies have slowed the influx of illegal aliens, brought more people out of poverty by raising the rate at which ALL peoples are employed, protected the Country by unshakably killing our terrorist enemies, and has negotiated better foreign trade deals, just to name a few. If you really feel the President is being a tyrant please list the reasons.

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