Six months ago, “normal’ decided to take a vacation.

We had been hearing for weeks about a new strain of coronavirus that was killing people in other countries.

And then, it was in other states.

And finally, on March 6, Kentucky reported its first case — in Lexington.

But we were still safe here.

On March 11, Gov. Andy Beshear asked churches to go online with their worship services to halt the spread of the disease.

Soon, we were staying six feet apart.

Hugs, handshakes, visiting in people’s homes were all taboo.

Soon, most small businesses, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, barbershops, beauty salons and a lot more were closed for two months.

Some of them closed permanently and many are still struggling.

Festivals and live performances started canceling.

But we thought it would be over by summer.

Why, if businesses closed for a few weeks and we all stayed home, we would nip it in the bud.

Then, on March 19, Owensboro reported its first case.

We feared that the hospital would soon be full.

And there were plans to use the Owensboro Convention Center as an auxiliary site.

But it didn’t get as bad as we feared.

So far, we’ve had more than1,200 cases in Daviess County.

Fewer than 100 have been hospitalized.

Thirteen have died.

Some people put an “only” in front of those numbers.

But try telling that to the people who had the disease and their loved ones.

Each of those numbers is one too many for them.

Just over 1% of us here have had coronavirus.

I like the analogy that says if there are 100 pieces of candy in a bowl and only one will make you sick or possibly kill you, would you eat any of them?

Yes, some people who haven’t taken precautions are still healthy.

And some who have taken every precaution have been sick.

And a few have died.

Life isn’t fair.

This thing is still a long way for over.

We’re tired of masks, tired of not traveling, tired of listening to the scoffers.

Some of us are starting to try to find normal again.

And we’ve been reporting new cases in the double digits each day.

We’re six months into the “new normal” now.

Will there be another six months or more?

Nobody knows.

But at least, we’re six months closer to the end than we were in March.

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301,

Keith Lawrence, 270-691-7301

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Stanley Lightner

Excellent observations.

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