Buck stops with Biden

Military textbook standard operating procedures on withdrawal plans from a hostile enemy position: First, you get your civilians and support people out. Second, you get your equipment out or destroy it so the enemy can’t use it. Third, troops are withdrawn last.

Question: Why did the president and the military not follow those withdrawal rules? They took out the troops first and then sent them back in to secure the Kabul airport so our people could get out. On Aug. 19, President Joe Biden did an interview with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos. President Biden stated, “U.S. troops will stay until all Americans are out of Afghanistan.”

The Taliban told us to be out by Aug. 31. Terrorists killed 13 Marines and wounded many of our other troops. We departed on the Taliban’s schedule and left behind hundreds of American citizens and thousands of supporters to what fate?

With all due respect to the office of the presidency, President Biden lied the American people. Military leadership failed our troops with the southern border mess, the pandemic mess and now the withdrawal debacle. It’s been nine months of one disastrous debacle after another. Do all the covering your rear all you want, you own all this mess, and the buck stops with you.

James Goodall


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Gary Adams

Now, remind me. Wasn't the withdrawal deal with the Taliban orchestrated by the Trump administration?

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