Way back when I was a kid, long before TV, video games and wall-to-wall texting, we played a game called "Kick the Can" out in the backyard.

That's what this local fairness debate reminds me of – kicking the fairness can all over the place. As per the Messenger-Inquirer, if the fairness ordinance passed, the Owensboro Human Relations Commission would be in charge of enforcing the ordinance. However, they are not an elected body, so what legal power would they have?

With all due respect, if a person is on the street or in a church and hears a statement or an opinion they don't like, do they call the fairness SWAT team?

If this issue is about discrimination in the work place, housing or restaurant service, no matter your race or lifestyle, I'm with you. However, if this is about protecting someone's feelings because you don't want to hear freedom of speech or a different opinion, then I'm not with you.

We are told this issue cannot be voted on by law since there are no provisions for it to be put on a ballet. With great respect, the powers that be need to get off their dead end and make provisions for it. We, the people, of Owensboro-Daviess County should have the right to vote on this major issue.

James E. Goodall


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Jane Doe

When I was a kid, we played a game called "smear the queer." If you're talking childhood games, maybe take a look at that one and determine why we need a fairness ordinance.

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