Do you believe in law and order? Or will you just let Trump go unpunished?

After being impeached for a second time, Donald Trump will go on trial in the Senate soon. For all of his followers who think he walks on water, I’m not going to try and change anyone’s views. That isn’t possible. Instead, I’d like his followers to do a little exercise.

Select any ex-president that you dislike. It can be living or dead. Now, substitute that person into Trump’s place. This person has done everything Trump has and claimed that unless he won the election, it would be rigged. Then, after the election, he stated it was stolen from him and gave the same speech on Jan. 6th where he incited his followers to invade Congress while it was in session.

So, with a different person being accused of the same charges as Trump, what do you do? Do you hope to find him guilty, or are you going to be forgiving and let him off without any consequences for his actions? Just remember, this is someone that you dislike and didn’t agree with any of his policies. Do you stand up for law and order, or do you just let it slide? Your choice.

David Fleischmann


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CAROLYN Williamson

Every American should be for law and order but seem to think it only applies to other people. The hypocrisy in how our laws are followed and applied is the real problem. VP Biden admitted on video to a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine but Trump is the one impeached for it. BLM movement is really about the laws being applied unfairly and unequally. Until all of America recognizes the hypocrisy of how our laws are applied there will continue to be extreme unrest, no one will have peace.

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