My name is William Dakota Compton. I am a teacher, a city commissioner in Plum Springs, and I’m running to be the representative for Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District.

As a teacher, I feel that it is my responsibility to do everything I can for my students. So, I have decided to run for Congress to make the world a better place for them.

Through my students, I’ve seen and met families who are unable to receive medical help because of the high costs, families with parents working two and three jobs just to make rent, and families who are just struggling to survive.

Brett Guthrie took office during my freshman year of high school. I am now in my sixth year of teaching. He is still in office, and nothing has gotten better. The same problems that my classmates and I faced are still affecting my students today.

Kentucky has been my home for my entire life. I grew up here. I went to public school here. I went to college here and started a life of my own here. I’m a true-blooded Kentuckian, and I’m running for Congress to make sure that we have a representative that will listen to, and stand up for every single person in the district.

William Compton

Bowling Green

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