Over the past few months, we’ve heard about fairness in our local community and in the U.S. Congress. Fairness is defined as just and reasonable treatment in accordance with accepted rules.

To achieve fairness, it requires that people employ clear and sensible thinking. We live in a polarized society, so is fairness obtainable? What one person thinks is fair, another person will not due to their ideas and beliefs based on their upbringing, religion and politics.

Take the abortion issue. A woman believes she has rights regarding her own body, and she should be able to abort her unborn baby. Is this fair to the unborn baby? Does selfishness trump fairness?

Take the issue of impeachment. Democrats control the House of Representatives, so the Republicans think impeachment proceeding in the House have been unfair. Republicans control the trial in the Senate, so Democrats argue the trial is unfair.

Democrats didn’t allow witnesses Republicans wanted in the House, now they want more witnesses in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi said impeachment was urgent then delayed sending the impeachment articles to the Senate. Do you think she is exercising clear and sensible thinking in order to be fair? This is the same playbook Democrats used in Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings hoping someone would come forward and lie with no consequences.

My advice to Sen. McConnell is not to allow more witnesses because Adam Schiff and Democrats will not play fair. They want power back, which they claim Russia stole from them. Fairness takes a backseat to power.

Larry O'Bryan


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Bruce Pierce

Larry, that all depends on your definition of "fair." If you consider everyone has the right to speak as their conscience sees fit, everyone has the right to associate or not associate with whom they choose, to follow religious concepts as their conscience sees fit, and that all people have the right of freedom of movement, to name a few. Yes we are a fair society that protects the rights of individuals, the individuals we all are. Yes a free and open society has it's issues all societies have their issues. Fairness and niceness cannot be litigated with out oppressing some. Who gets to pick and choose who is protected and who is oppressed? I would much rather deal with the problems of an open society where the issues are in the public forum for open and honest debate instead of one in which an individual cannot be an individual because they are afraid to say or do something that might offend someone.

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