It is time for us as a community, state and country to put an end to the rioting/demonstrating under the false premise of racial injustice. My family and I have no issue with peaceful demonstrations, but the health of my youngest child was jeopardized by the unnecessary possibility of rioting in Louisville recently.

My daughter was admitted into the ER recently at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for signs of a concussion. Once testing verified a concussion and a subdural brain bleed, OH staff recommended a referral to Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville (formerly Kosairs) via ambulance.

Unbeknownst to us, American Medical Response had issued a company-wide ban on travel to downtown Louisville that day due to the "possibility" of rioting. Fortunately, Norton Children's — not AMR, not OH — arranged for helicopter transport for her from Owensboro to Louisville. She is on her way to a full recovery, and now we need to examine all the failures in our community that let this potentially serious situation occur.

We need to take a hard look at why we have allowed our community to only have one ambulance service at OH and why we have allowed this continual demonstrating/rioting to hold our largest city in the state hostage. Enough is enough.

Wesley Spurrier


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Stanley Lightner

The "letter" is a perfect example of a reactionary posting falsehoods. This propaganda should be removed.

Jane Doe

This is 100% not true. There are NOT RIOTS IN LOUISVILLE. The only violence instigated during protests has been 1) police officers and 2) young houseless man who had been asked to leave the protest site.

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