Why is pumping water onto your neighbor being allowed? Why are neighbors allowed to pump water into Panther Creek, causing flooding of Hill Bridge Road (Hwy 298). Hill Bridge Road is an important East-West road in Daviess County with 600 new homes on one end and Southern Oaks Elementary on the other.

I am glad Carlus Mercer (Readers Write, Aug. 8) brought to attention the flooding problem with the south fork of Panther Creek. South fork of Panther Creek could handle a four-inch rain prior to the levees that were built in the late 1960s and 70s. Now I see more levees being built and adding height to existing levees. There are more than 30 pumps being used to pump water onto their neighbor's property. Should these neighbors build a levee and pump water on their neighbors to protect their property from the lack of maintenance of Panther Creek?

I raise my question to all, including the division of water. Should we elect officials to respond to this problem, or will it take flooding of homes in Owensboro before something is done?

James Yeiser


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