The ability to control one’s own God-given path and destiny through life is one reason our country is exceptional, above the rest. American freedoms allow for the improvement of personal accomplishments and these virtues manifest themselves in these United States as practical benefits for the enterprising individual, as well as, American society as a whole.

To disturb or hinder freedom, choice or personal responsibility counters everything that’s key to the American spirit. Yet there are those who truly believe centralization and collectivism is what’s best for you and this country. They are willing to exploit your weaknesses or desires for their own benefit or political power.

Our Founding Fathers realized this early on when they were shaping our national destiny. This is why they implemented a Constitutional choice; a safety valve called an Article V Convention of States.

Senate Joint Resolution 56 had been introduced in the 2021 Kentucky legislative session by Sen. Robby Mills, along with nine other amazing and patriotic senators, and while it was not passed this time around, we hope that it will be in the 2022 session.

The joint resolution is applying for an Article V convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to impose fiscal restraints, curb the power and jurisdiction of the federal overreach, and limit terms of office for federal government officials and members of Congress.

We need 34 states to trigger an automatic Convention of States, one that Congress cannot stop and one that would provide badly-needed choices to restore control by and for the people and not the anointed, exclusive few of Washington.

Let’s stop our runaway Congress in its tracks by calling a convention. See this come true. Your freedom and nation may just depend on it.

Ray Rivera

State content writer for the Convention of States


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