I went to Kroger recently, and more than half of the customers didn’t wear a mask. Many of those same people came in with another and some even brought their children with them. Aren’t we supposed to limit one shopper from each family?

I thought that we were to be doing physical distancing, but many didn’t seem concerned. Evidently a number of our fellow humans don’t care about the Kroger workers or you or me, and maybe not even themselves.

After leaving the store, I called the Kroger on East Fourth Street where I shopped. The manager had gone for the day, so I talked to the one in charge about this and was told that they didn’t have the authority to enforce masks, etc. I then called the corporate office and asked for a manager and was put on hold. No one came to the phone after a time, so I hung up.

When I was a little person, I was taught respect. We are in deep trouble if we continue down this road.

Louis Clements


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Help Office of Owensboro, Inc.

The exact same occurrence happened to me last week, at Kroger on Parrish, and at Sam's Club! I agree with Mr. Clements, what has happened to us? No masks, no social distancing, no wonder COVID19 cases continue to rise! I say this respectfully, "PLEASE don't go to public places without wearing a mask!"

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