It is amazing to see James Goodall comparing the BLM protests last year to what happened on Jan 6th, 2021, in our nation's Capitol. Regardless of which side of the BLM protests you come down on, they were exercising their civic freedom to try and affect change. This ability makes us the envy of the majority of countries in the world.

What happened at the Capitol was in no way civil, a protest, or just a demonstration. It was a violent attempt to overthrow more than 200 years of established, peaceful transfer of power from the loser of a legal election to the winner of that election.

To compare the fence erected after the attempted coup to the southern border wall is just hilarious. The fence in Washington, D.C., was to protect democracy, which is represented by the elected officials. And that "paid" for southern wall used funds that came out of the national defense fund.

It is interesting to hear that Mr. Goodall is planning on voting Democrat in the next election because all the national officials in Congress we can vote out are Republicans.

David Fleischmann


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Thank you, David Fleischmann, for standing up and speaking out for our Republic and Democracy.

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