Parker missed the mark with column on Haitian immigrants

In response to Kathleen Parker’s article “Needs of Haitian Immigrants in Del Rio” on the Opinion Page (M-I, Sept. 25), I would like to make the following comments: The massing of Haitian migrants in the Del Rio Texas sector and thousands of Haitians in Panama headed to the U.S. is a humanitarian catastrophe.

Since the 2010 Haiti earthquake, the world has given billions of U.S. dollars to the people of Haiti. Port-au-Prince is still in disarray 11 years later. Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas with only about 50% adult literacy.

Ms. Parker’s idea of handing out American federal prevailing wage construction jobs to foreigners is preposterous. American construction workers spend years as apprentices to become qualified for these infrastructure jobs, and these are good jobs reserved for Americans. Lower-wage positions in the U.S. are for young Americans entering the workforce or part-time older workers. Haiti will require international conservatorship to become functioning.

If Parker wants to advocate for Haitians, she should direct her comments at the Organization of American States and the Haitian government, not the American taxpayer. Like many law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Border Patrol and the state of Florida utilize mounted officers for crowd control and criminal interdiction. The national media’s vilifying of law enforcement and minimization of the American working class is perplexing.

Prominent journalists like Mrs. Parker should have a fundamental understanding of the facts before publishing uninformed comments.

James Smith


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