Climate change is real and must be addressed

Congratulations to James Mayse and the M-I for the in-depth article about the climate emergency in the Aug. 19 paper. I want to stress the urgency of this issue.

If I wanted to nitpick, it is that James repeatedly wrote that "these things will happen," and so they will. But these things are already happening. We can see it now, right here, in the fields that were too flooded to plant properly and the increase in 24-hour, multi-inch rainstorms. Extreme weather events are the stepchildren of the climate emergency.

Climate change isn't just about glaciers and polar bears. Our entire civilization, from hunting-gathering to farming to what we have today, has been built on a steady, benign climate. What will we do if the rain doesn't come at the right time, or a multiyear drought, or too much rain at once; how will we feed ourselves?

What other issues can compare with mass starvation, heat-migration and the breakdown of civilization? If we can't find our way out of this unfolding doomsday, nothing else will matter at all.

This is not a Chinese hoax or liberal conspiracy, it's simply science. If you don't believe in science, you should probably turn in your cell phone, your car, your AC and your toaster.

Every infrastructure dollar we invest today commits us to our path forward. Will we spend it for a better future, or for a past that's killing us? Will we muster the courage to save ourselves? Will our leaders? Ask them.

Jackson Barnett


City's sanitation department provides great service

It's easy to take for granted government services like the Owensboro Sanitation Department.

I had the opportunity to really get my money's worth this summer, which, incidentally, is only $18 a month. Weekly, you get your garbage picked up. In addition to that, leaves are picked up in bags or they can simply be swept to the street. Also, little limbs or big limbs that are the result of a fallen branch or tree are collected. All for $18 a month.

Finally, and what caused me to write this letter, is that for $15 you can have a pickup truck full of items hauled away from your doorsteps. An answer to my prayer and query as to how I was going to get two sets of mattresses and box springs out of my garage.

Thanks, city sanitation department.

Sim Davenport


Vote for Bevin; he is pro-life

Normally, I don't read a letter in Readers Write that has a negative headline, but a recent one about Andy Beshear's family values caught my attention.

The writer said he would be voting for a lifelong Kentuckian who understands us and family values, so is he talking about the same Andy Beshear that just had a fundraiser hosted by the leader of the abortion clinic in Louisville? The abortion clinic that tears babies from the womb? I don't believe this would be considered family values, at least where aborted babies are concerned.

In comparison to Matt Bevin, who I just witnessed signing four pro-life bills into law, one of which was the fetal heartbeat bill, a bill that would not allow an abortion after the baby's heartbeat was detected and the baby feels pain. This is the same Matt Bevin who also has five biological children and four adopted children. This is what I consider family values.

Please vote pro-life. Vote for Matt Bevin.

Martha Hall


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