Don't be afraid to talk about disabilities

Let’s talk disabilities. I know, we are pretty used to ignoring them and the people who have them, but let me shine some light here.

For so long we have taught our children and were taught ourselves to ignore the people who are different. Don’t draw attention to it. Don’t ask questions. I think this is such a horribly wrong way approaching things.

This is why I felt uncomfortable in school acknowledging my disability. I spent so long trying to be like everyone else instead of embracing my blindness and utilizing the tools I had at my disposal to be successful.

No one should feel like they are ignored or that they have to hide who they are.

It’s not evil to ask questions. I’d rather someone ask me a question about my disability than remain ignorant of it.

For some reason, people assume any sort of disability means a lack of intelligence or life. That’s just not true. I am blind. Don’t speak to me as though I am 3 years old when you know nothing about my mental capabilities. It truly baffles me how people can link any disability to stupidity. There is not a single disability that means the person is stupid. Stop assuming your lack of education equates to others' lack of intelligence.

Don’t assume anything about anyone. Talk to people who are different. People have remarkable stories to tell and everyone deserves to be heard.

Madelyn Loyd


We don't have concentration camps at border

Recently, a person wrote in Readers Write that there were concentration camps at our southern border. Also, people at the border are in jail only because they want to come to America. There are no concentration camps and no one is held in jail!

My uncle entered a German concentration camp and he obtained pictures from his time there. The emaciated bodies of those who were still living and the stacks of corpses unburied were beyond description. Atrocities happened in those camps and the U.S. Army made local German residents come and observe what they had turned a blind eye to. What the German citizens saw is not like the conditions that the so-called asylum seekers are experiencing.

The people using the words concentration camps at our southern border should be required to look at each picture from the German concentration camps for 60 seconds and commit 10 hours a day until all of the pictures available in archives are seen.

Our Constitution gives us the right of free speech as long as we do not yell "fire" in a crowded meeting hall. So, people have the right to have their opinions. Sure, our country has many mistakes, but the founders of this country did not in any way form an evil, cruel and inhumane government. At that time, they were breaking away from a country that was trying to oppress the Americans.

Many people need a history lesson.

Gene Evans


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