Education needed to counter falsehoods on social media

Thank goodness for people like Mary Howell. Her letter to the editor on Aug. 23 was absolutely on point. I was beginning to think no one locally knows the true history of the Civil War.

I think this whole debate about the Confederate monuments shines a light on what is and is not being taught in schools. It’s a shame that so many people (mostly younger adults) believe the nonsense they see on most news channels and see in their social media feeds. If we don’t ensure that their heads are being filled with the truth when they are young society will fill it with lies and propaganda when they are grown. Some people will always be driven to spew hate and bigotry regardless of any education they receive, but I truly believe a lot of our young adults have no previous education to use as a balance against what social media is telling them.

We’ve seen elected officials every day giving in to bullies that in most instances aren’t even their constituents. Isn’t this teaching young adults that violence and hatred will bring about the desired result? Where is our democracy? Why isn’t the decision to remove a monument decided on a ballot by the constituents who live and pay taxes there?

If the only voices our elected officials hear are those of the left then they will prevail regardless of the issue. We have to be diligent in calling, writing and emailing our elected officials at all levels to express our opinions and concerns.

Carolyn Williamson


Learn from history so we don’t repeat mistakes

Since the founding of the United States, our nation has endured many painful moments, and by grace of God have overcome them. This is why it is wrong to remove the Confederate statutes. When you remove anything that represents reminders of our nation’s past you are erasing history.

Furthermore, while the Confederacy is an ugly part of our history, it is history, and therefore we cannot change what has already happened. Instead, we should learn from our past and not repeat the same mistakes. We should have a balanced view from both sides of an issue. This is especially important for future generations.

David Ratliff


Leave our Confederate heroes, flag alone

The War Between the States, the Northern Aggression, the Civil War — it depends on who you ask as to what the name of that war is.

The Confederate flag is no one’s enemy. Statues of our heros are not enemies to anyone. So put he Confederate flag back where it’s historically been. Stop criticizing our heros just because they’re not yours. Leave our statues where they’ve always stood. If you are trying to undermine America, then we welcome you to leave.

Aretha Franklin said it best: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

If we had respect, we could really say that war is finally over.

I do not agree with what happened in Virginia recently.

Daniel Rees


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