What’s fair about 'fairness'?

Have you read about the Iowa man who was sentenced to 16 years and 30 days for burning a LGBT banner? He shouldn’t have done it and deserved some punishment ... but?

The hate laws in this country, designed to protect select minorities, go far beyond laws which already exist to protect us all from criminal action. Here’s where “fairness” loses some of its credibility: the internet lists the percent of LGBT in the US at 3.5%. The percentage of U.S. veterans is 7%, who have defended our nation and its banner. The percentage of Americans against burning Old Glory is a large majority! Yet, this guy gets an absurd sentence, while we have had antiwar activists, anti-fa terrorists, punks and famous artists who have defiled our national flag without being held accountable.

There are also news reports relating terroristic acts by apparent LGBT supporters against churches in some areas without similar “hate law” consideration. What is being done in the name of “fairness” in our country, many of us consider unconscionable and “unfair.”

Rich Nading


Thankful for dedicated school board members

There is an old proverb that says – “A child without education is like a bird without wings.” The Owensboro/Daviess County community is fortunate to have the service of 10 individuals who have demonstrated a heartfelt commitment to giving every child “wings” to soar to the heights of their greatest potential.

Members of our Owensboro and Daviess County Public Schools districts’ Boards of Education invest countless hours of study and research, engage in thoughtful conversations and make difficult decisions that ensure the continuation of our shared commitment to traditions of innovation and excellence while always putting kids first.

January is National School Board Appreciation Month. On behalf of the Owensboro and Daviess County public school districts, we salute our board members and encourage you to express your appreciation to the following individuals for their service to our community – and the future of our children.

Owensboro Board of Education: Jeremy Edge, Melissa Decker, Dan Griffith, Michael Johnson and Dr. Jeremy Luckett

Daviess County Board of Education: Dr. Tom Payne, Dale Stewart, Frank Riney, Todd Anderson and James Morgan

Dr. Matthew Constant, interim superintendent,

Owensboro Public Schools

Matt Robbins, superintendent

Daviess County Public Schools

Commit to recycling

No money in recycling? Who cares! It’s not about money, or it shouldn’t be.

We are a country of waste. We should do absolutely everything in our power to leave less of a footprint for our children and our grandchildren. This country throws away things that don’t need to be thrown away.

When I married nearly 23 years ago, my husband was stationed at Fort Lewis in the Pacific Northwest between Olympia and Tacoma, Washington. At that time they already had curbside recycling, and it was free with your garbage pickup. Step up, Owensboro. If the sanitation department can’t find a resource to take recyclable items, at the very least they could drive them to Evansville or elsewhere to a location that still takes those types of items.

It’s insane that plastic bottles can’t be recycled. They are the biggest trash problem all over the country. And now cardboard? I think the city needs to look harder. Other solutions can be thought up. Seek out cities that are recycling Meccas and follow their example.

Mary Howell


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Marjorie Flowers


Bruce Kunze

I would encourage anyone interested in this to research the entire story of why the man received a lengthy sentence.

Bruce Pierce

Rich you are correct, each of us are individuals with different desires, needs, and wants along with Morales, norms and values. There si no way laws can protect all those differences. That is way the Amendments to the Constitution are enumerating those rights, to protect the differences between us without singling any individual or group.

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