Statue pays homage to lost American lives

The very reason we should keep the statue on the courthouse lawn should be a reflection of our community’s values. I write today because I feel that the media (broadcast, cable, online, and print news, as well as sites like Facebook and Twitter) have put enormous pressure on communities to do so. I’m prepared for the backlash that will likely come at me on my Facebook page. You see, the people who genuinely want the statue gone (because of their inward conviction) don’t care to whom the statue is dedicated. We see this all around the country where statues commemorating the Union soldiers who fought to end slavery have become targets as well as Abraham Lincoln himself. So it has nothing to do with racism anymore, it is about softening and downplaying American history.

Everyone who is not one of us (being the far-left) is racist.

Keep our statue; it pays homage to lost American lives. We aren’t perfect; we never were, and never will be, but this is still the most sought after land of opportunity with unprecedented freedom. We fought to call it our own, and we shouldn’t sit idly by while the radical left (which is all of the left, let’s be clear) tries to steal it away. For those who care, read “The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen circa 1963. In it, he identifies 45 goals of the communist party, and you would be frightened to see how many are becoming a reality this election.

Phillip Erb


M-I writers’ views gave needed perspective about Confederate controversy

Thank you to Keith Lawrence for writing his cultural piece about how the Civil War was not at all civil. He introduced us to some historic facts and some important details about where Daviess County stood during the war. I know I’m descended from Confederates as many of us are. He gave us a different point of view about where Daviess County stood during the Civil War and some ugly truth about the inappropriate behavior by Union generals. We should never forget how Union General Sherman needlessly burned his way to the coast. Thank you also to Lora Wimsatt for her eloquence and her honest “middle of the road” piece on her battle with the Confederate soldier statue. Her warm passionate thoughts made me think again about this poor controversial statue that has been called offensive. I don’t think it should be moved but I want him safe and protected.

Mary Howell


Confederates tried to rip nation asunder

I have learned nothing about history from the Confederate statue on the courthouse lawn; I doubt I ever even read the marker next to it.

But it has taught me about how to attempt to rewrite history, and how such efforts can ultimately fail. It’s time to find a new home for this memorial to a past that didn’t exist. Remember: These people tried to rip our nation asunder. They lost. My great-whatever grandfather marched with Sherman to the sea, and I take pride in him and pride in his victory.

Michael Hall


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Marjorie Flowers

Yes, we do pay homage to lost American lives. Most often, we do this in cemeteries. And yes, no one is perfect. No one should be judged by his/her worst act. But make no mistake — this worst act was making war against the Untied States. Deliberately killing American citizens. Yes, we must remember this horrible chapter of our history. What we should not do is to have it on a pedestal and call it heroic. And by the way, the lost American lives honored by the statue are people who willingly renounced their American citizenship. Finally, yes, America is a land of opportunity and freedom — but that statue honors those who were willing to kill in order to deprive people brought here against their will and who to this day do not enjoy equal opportunity. For many Daviess Countians, that claim rings hollow.

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