Nothing evil or dangerous about Harry Potter

I would like to respond to the July 6 Readers Write referencing Harry Potter and the camp provided by the RiverPark Center.

As a child, I begged my parents for months to read and watch Harry Potter and was finally allowed when I was around 8 years old. Once I delved into J.K. Rowling’s world, I never left. Harry Potter has provided me with a sense of belonging and pure joy since my days of becoming a fan. I’ve gone to Universal to visit Hogwarts, attended a weekend-long Harry Potter fan event and collected fan memorabilia. The Harry Potter community has given me life.

When I was younger, I would have loved a chance to go to a Harry Potter camp and meet children who enjoyed the same thing I did. I’m ecstatic that the RiverPark provided this opportunity for the younger members of our community. There is nothing evil or dangerous about Harry Potter or the community providing a place for these young fans.

Our town should accept this with open hearts. Our children should have places to go where they can enjoy themselves and feel safe. We tend to fill our minds with doubt, fear and prejudice before we ever fill our hearts with kindness. I don’t want that for my city. I want inclusiveness and love here. If for some children and parents, that comes in the form of a Harry Potter camp, who are we to stop that?

Larrissa Loyd


One can love country and dislike Trump

The new White House press secretary has taken a page out of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ playbook insinuating that if we hate Donald Trump we don’t, can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t love our country. Those things are not mutually exclusive. I prefer to say, “I cannot stand to look at, listen to or think about Donald Trump” rather than “I hate Donald Trump.”

Let me list a few of the reasons why.

1. The first one is easy, because I love my country.

2. Because he wants to make my country his country.

3. Because he wants his country to have a state-run media that does nothing but praise him.

4. Because he only tells the truth by accident.

5. Because in his country, 40% of the people can elect a nincompoop to be its leader. Oh wait, strike that last one, they can also do that in my country.

Mike King


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