America is the best country the world has ever seen

This is a response to Mary Danhauer's letter of July 15.

Jesus was not a refugee of any country in the Roman Empire. Actually, He lived most of His life in Galilee, a northern territory of Palestine. The Holy Family apparently never fled any country of residence.

If you read about James Cone, the black theologian, you will find that the notion of the oppressed communities, cited by Ms. Danhauer, as victims of white oppressors, closely parallels the views of Karl Marx, as victims of an oppressor class. Cone was an advocate of black liberation theology; the one that got President Obama in hot water. And, it is illogical to conclude that if you don't identify with the oppressed, then you must be identified as an oppressor.

If our country is so evil, why are the most vocal critics not moving to another country? And, why do refugees from other countries desire to live here? Because our constitutional republic/democracy is the best the world has ever seen.

Lastly, to say that the founding of our nation emanated from some unnamed set of evils is preposterous. Just a cursory study of the thinking of the founders shows they were mostly God-fearing people who cited reliance on divine providence in their writings and in the Declaration of Independence.

God has blessed America in spite of all the bad that was/is part of our history.

Robert Slack


Owensboro needs a fairness ordinance

James Goodall could not be more incorrect about the need for a fairness ordinance in Owensboro. As a disabled Vietnam vet, I have experienced discrimination in employment in Owensboro by being referred to as "lazy," "welfare queen" and "lazy welfare queen" for receiving monthly disability payments from the VA. It should be noted this was by someone who had been discharged from the Army due to a disabling injury that was not service-connected.

In addition, Mr. Goodall is not a resident of Owensboro. If he wants to help determine the direction of Owensboro he should move here and register to vote here, not in Utica.

Stan Lightner


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