We can't let Russia pick our president

I am glad to see more and more people are picking up on what is happening in Washington, just not the right ones.

Before World War II, uninformed people helped a man that got a minority of votes appointed to the top office in Germany. That didn't work out so well. In 2016, a man from New York did the same thing in America, with the help of a dictator from Russia, being elected with almost 3 million fewer votes than his nearest opponent. Since then, he has broken too many laws to count, obstructed justice and concentrated all power in his office. Our senator, Mitch McConnell, seems to have no problem with handing our country over to a dictator or king.

What he and his supporters forget, is someday, a Democrat, who, like himself, has no morals and is just power hungry, will sit in that seat, if we don't lose our democracy under this administration.

One of the things Mueller said in his speech May 29 was the 2016 election was hacked by Russia to help Trump get elected, and that in 2020, they will do it again.

Folks, pay attention. When Russia picks our president, they win. Our democracy is dead.

Danny Baggarly


It's time to end the bitterness

We live in a free country with all our rights and due process. From 1775 to date, 1.8 million Americans have died to get and protect those rights.

Anyone can call President Trump a clown, a bully and incompetent with no fear. It's sad some of our major news media and some fellow Americans spew hatefulness and bitterness daily toward our president.

I get around the heartland of America doing military events, such as military funerals, displays, parades, veterans events and as a tour guide on the WW II LST-325 based in Evansville. I meet many everyday, common hard-working Americans at these events. One thing I hear repeatedly is that these good folks are tired of the political spewing of hatefulness and bitterness, no matter who is spewing it.

This is not who we Americans are or want to be. They just want our government and the president to stand up for us and America. For those of you out there spewing all this bitterness, just remember who paid the price for your rights to do so. Enjoy your freedoms, they have been paid for.

James Goodall


If you don't stop abortion, you are to blame

A woman who has an abortion is never at fault.

It is the fault of the organizations that push to keep it legal. It is the fault of the holier-than-thou Christians that sit in the front of church every Sunday, hand out communion, sing for the choir, read from the gospel, but vote for liberal politicians that will do whatever it takes, moral or immoral, to keep it legal. It is the fault of those who challenge the Supreme Court justices who are appointed but do their sworn duty by voting their hearts instead of what's popular.

If you don't do something to stop this insanity, look in the mirror. Abortion is your fault.

Norman Goetz


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